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  1. The guy riding the 1999 XT225 is Matt Hockin's Dad Jim Hockin. He had not ridden in a long time, and we took him out for a 50 mile ride from the Twin Lakes resort up to Davis Butte. I bought that XT225 for my wife who is finally taking the Team Oregon Endorsement Class this next October. I just let folks borrow it and let them see the mighty power of the XT225! Eric Wager
  2. I finally have my photos loaded from our ride this past weekend from the cross Cascades route Matt Hockin planned from Bend to Diamond Lake and back to Bend. 3 Days and 2 Nights and 327 miles of the Cascade Mountain's best jeep roads, snow mobile trails, double track and singletrack. 4 riders / 1 support truck - LOTS O' BEER. RIDERS: Matt on the Honda XR650R Mega-Thumper Dualsport Eric from Portland on his Suzuki DRZ400s Jason from Bend on his KTM 950 Adventure (what a killer bike!) Ed from Medford on his Kawasaki KLR650 Check out the photos at: Eric Wager Quality Analyst Widmer Brothers Brewing 2003 KDX220R 2004 DRZ400S
  3. Thanks for a great weekend of Riding Guys! No riding for me this weekend. Working all through this weekend (again)! OBDR Route 3 next weekend! Eric Wager Quality Analyst Widmer Brothers Brewing Co.
  4. I was out riding Big Lake and the Santiam OHV basin this past weekend on the 11th and 12th and captured some great photos as we were camping close to the George Fire outside of Sisters that had been burning for the past week. We were up there fairly close to the George Fire that was just across Big Lake to the East, and I was able to get some great pictures of the Fire from Cache Moutain and the helicopter water refilling operations in the Finger Lakes. Check out the ride report and photos. Eric Wager Quality Analyst Widmer Brothers Brewing Co 1999 XT225 2003 KDX220R 2004 DRZ400S
  5. I managed to get my pics from the weekend uploaded to smugmug last night. I still need to organize and delete some, but here are a few good pics of the George Fire areas that are closed out of Big Lake. I'll get my ride report and pics out in the next couple of nights.. I'm so slow at that... Eric Wager Quality Analyst Widmer Brothers Brewing Company
  6. I was just riding up at Big Lake and Santiam OVH Friday and all Saturday. Routes to heading out of Big Lake going East and toward the finger lakes were closed due to the fire helicopters using the Finger lakes to refill thier H20 tanks. Santiam wagon Road is closed just past the Adventist Big Lake Camp. Other than that, the most of the west side of the area is still open other than any routes through Wilderness boundary where the fire is. A large section of the PCT is also closed going into the fire area. I took a picture of the the currenty closed areas that I'll post tonight. The crews up there were working hard on that fire Saturday! I'll also get up a post later today with pictures of the fire from Cache Mt. I'll be on the OBDR with you guys in two weeks for sure! Eric Wager Quality Analyst Widmer Brothers Brewing Company 1999 XT 225 2003 KDX 220R 2004 DRZ400S
  7. Matt, Thanks so much again for all your planning and work to make this ride happen! I can not wait to have 3 days off to ride! After my bad stomach flu in July wiped out my riding for 3 weeks, this sweet 3 day OBDR ride will certainly be the highlight of my summer. Anyone from Portland making this ride? I'm leaving for Bend on August 24th after work. Anyone looking to carpool over from Portland (I live in North PDX), please get in touch with a PM. Eric Wager Quality Analyst Widmer Brothers Brewing Company 1999 XT 225 2003 KDX220R 2004 DRZ400S
  8. I'm off today at Noon! A great day for a few loops out at Jones Creek! Sorry not to hear from any TT's in the Portland, Vancouver area, but I do hope to be out riding with my KDX buddy Dave this Sunday if anyone is looking for some 2-smokers to ride with. Eric Wager Quality Analyst Widmer Brothers Brewing Company
  9. I was out in Jordan Creek TSF this Saturday, and to my suprise, more timber sales have sprung up, and two major trails are now newly closed in the Jordan Creek Unit. # 36 - Rodgers Road is now closed. And my favorite Jordan Creek trail: #38 - Maddogs Pumpkin Patch is now closed. It looks like 99% of Diamond mill is still open, but my buddy crashed on Frankenstein, and that ended our afternoon of exploration up in the Diamond Mill Unit. The trail system is really taking a back seat to the Timber Sales in Jordan Creek. A real loss for this area. Eric Wager Quality Analyst Widmer Brothers Brewing Company
  10. I have an unusually short work day tomorrow and plan to head up to Jones Creek ( outside of Camas, WA tomorrow in the early afternoon. I live in North Portland, just off I-5 North of the Rose Quarter. Anyone like to do a few loops up there tomorrow? It has been over a month since I was up at Jones Creek. Eric Wager Quality Analyst Widmer Brothers Brewing Portland, OR 1999 XT225 2003 KDX220R 2004 DRZ400S Beer Anyone?
  11. Thanks a million! I was hoping that there were no crazy gaskets behind the kickstart mount. I didn't want to get in too deep tonight before our ride this Sat am out in the Oregon Coast Range (Tillamook State Forest/Jordan Creek Unit Thumpertalk Rules! Eric
  12. Anyone ever buy the Fredette Racing Compact Kick Start Lever? I just got around to try installing it on my 2003 KDX 220, and it is not an easy swap in like I thought it would. The angle on the FRP lever is too "straight" and hits the frame, and will not swap out and install in the same base location as the stock lever. Do you have to change the location of the kickstart mount by pulling that 17mm bolt and adjusting the fit (angle ) of the FRP lever there? I don't have a manual, and didn't want to start pulling things off the motor. I need to be ready to ride this Saturday. It looks like the FRP site has been hacked, and any forum info there is lost for now. Any help out there would be much appreciated! Eric Wager Quality Analyst Widmer Brothers Brewing 1999 XT225 2003 KDX220 2004 DRZ400S
  13. I'm headed out tomorrow early am for the WF. The weather should be in the low 80's, and we should have about 10 riders showing up this weekend. I do hope some TT'ers come out and enjoy some great DS rides and trail riding in the OHV area. I'll have plenty of cold brews for everyone coming out! Eric Wager Quality Analyst Widmer Brothers Brewing Company 1999 XT225 - the dual sport loaner... 2003 KDX220R - a Fresh Weisco Piston installed this week! 2004 DRZ400S - ready for a DS ride from WF to the Anthony Lakes this weekend!
  14. Jimzuma, Brad21, and Dualsport650! Thanks again guys for another Epic Ride on the east side! Matt, a great route as always with some hairy shit in the mix as usual! I may have some time to download my camera and post my pics from Saturdays' ride. I've been working on putting a new wiesco piston in my KDX220R since I got back to PDX. Thank god for the creators of the GPS. I didn't have a paper map with me, and once I was lost in the Cascade Pacific Tree Farm, the Magellan Sportrack got me out of there and back for some grub with the Hockin Family! Guys, wait for your rider behind you when making turns out there. It is no fun being the one lost from the group! There are just too many splinter roads out there on the west side. See you guys out at the BlackDog! Eric Wager Quality Analyst Widmer Brothers Brewing Co 1999 XT225 2003 KDX220R 2004 DRZ400S
  15. Fellow TT'ers, Only 14 days remain until I kick off my first annual Winom Frazier OHV campout on June 30. I've had a post up for almost two months, and have had a few folks from the TT board who plan to make this Camp and Ride. Please check the web flyer for all the information: I'll be sure to bring plenty of beers for everyone! Eric Wager Quality Analyst Widmer Brothers Brewing Co. 1999 XT225 2003 KDX220 2004 DRZ400S