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  1. look nice! that kick start looks kool.
  2. im out here in cali. and i filled up today and it was at $4.07 a gal. for reg. gas! what a rip off! what are you guys paying a gallon?
  3. what were the HP #'s for the '98 and '99? i had a 1998 and it seemed pretty dang quick! LOL
  4. ya im glad too. now i just got to get and con. rod and bearings and rebuild it.
  5. we know why the stuffers melted, the bike had VERY lean gas in it. VERY lean. lol. the kid i got it from grabed the wrong race jug.oopps! im going to rebuild the crank and topend.
  6. ya those are the ones tdub was talking about above. the all billet ones. i think im going to try a set.
  7. Thanks tdub! thats what i was looking for!
  8. if you can rebuild them where can you get the stuffers from? or do you have to call hotrods?
  9. if you send you crank out to be rebuilt do they replace the stuffers? has any body on there done this?
  10. can you replace the stuffers? the plastic on mine did the same thing.
  11. iv got a '00 and it dosnt seem rigid, it seems to be a more tight feel. as for vibration theres a lil bit but not bad at all. the mid rang on the motor is sweet. what gearing are you guys running on your bikes?
  12. ok thanks guys ill look in to the spark and see. what size jets do you guys think well need? im in CA at sea level.
  13. this is brad on my bros account. so you guys think that would cause what is happing?
  14. rippin x3 what bars are you running? are they taper cr mini high bends?