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  1. chadapotamus

    2-stroke vs. desert

    Have you guys ever done any long distance riding on your two stroke? I've had a bunch of 125 and 250 motocross two strokes in the past that were really fun. The only thing is, since I've switched over to four strokes, I've started doing more long distance stuff out in the desert. We even did a couple multiple day, 500+ mile rides down in baja last year. I have an interest in the 200 or 300 exc, and I like the idea of the simplicity and cheap maint./repair costs of the 2-stroke. Can one of these bikes handle baja?
  2. chadapotamus

    ocotillio wells

    The main thing about ocotillo is you have to explore to find the fun stuff. It's pretty spread out. The first time I went there I thought it was flat and lame. Then I started spreading out and finding some really fun terrain. Do some big long rides and you'll find some cool stuff. Just look for hills, canyons and washes. The riding in the main immediate area (Blowsand etc...) is pretty chopped up, I don't even waist my time there anymore. I like to go way out. As far as nightlife goes, there isn't much. It's camping, just hang out and have fun around the fire. Ride all day and chill back with a beer at night. Ususally the "nightlife" in the desert consists of all the bonehead crap that gives riding a bad image, creates more laws against everything, and gets stuff shut down.
  3. chadapotamus

    2005 vs 2006

    Sorry about your bike. This is a bit off-topic, but how is that bike down in baja? (other than the obvious problem you just had). Was this the first time you had it down there or had it survived other trips before? What gearing were you running? I'm planning on doing a few baja trips on mine next year so I'm just curious. I have a skid plate on mine (works connection) but maybe I should look into getting one of those big beefy ones that come out and protect the sides of the engine too.
  4. chadapotamus

    What a pain

    Yeah it's vulcanized. I did the same thing. I cut mine down with a razor blade until it was even enough to slide the new grip over it. If I would have known I would have just bought a new throttle tube, such a pain in the ass. What kind of grip glue do they use? The stuff works! It works a little too well.
  5. chadapotamus

    2007 Rmz450

    Do you really have to say that in every one of your posts.
  6. chadapotamus

    Rm 125 a good bike for me?

    I'd get the RM or the YZ, both are awesome bikes. The KTM has an incredible motor and really nice parts, but the suspension isn't quite as good and is realy finicky to adjustments. It's decent, but not as good as the RM which has Showa suspension. The RM also handles really well, it cuts through corners like a knife. I've had an '02 RM125, an '02 KTM 125SX and an '03 KTM 200SX, so I speak from experience.
  7. chadapotamus


    Instead of dumping money on making that 125 a big bore, just leave it stock and save up your money for a 450. You don't NEED a 450 now, and you definitely don't NEED to put yourself in a ton of debt for a dirtbike. As sweet as new bikes are, riding can be just as fun on a bike that is a couple years old. It's just not worth the extra debt if you can't really afford it. I'd just keep the costs as low as possible and save all your extra cash for your 450. I wouldn't do anything until you have enough cash to pay for at least half the thing up front, it's even better to just buy it outright. In the meantime, 125s are really fun!!! Spending some extra time on a 125 won't hurt your riding at all. 125s make you a really good rider, they force you to fine tune your skills. You have to keep your momentum up, attack all the corners, and really be in tune with what your bike is doing. You have to be aggressive on a 125, where the 450's can make you a really lazy rider. If you move to a 450 too soon without fine tuning your fundamental riding skills, you may find it hard to progress past a certain point. I started on 250s, but went back and rode 125's for 2 years for this reason. It really improved my riding. I'm actually thinking about going in on a 125 with my brother so that we can have one around.
  8. chadapotamus

    kxf vs rmz?

    I've never ridden a KXF450, but I can tell you about my RMZ450. The seat hieght feels pretty tall, definitely taller than my YZ. The seat is also fairly flat. The placement of the footpegs and the shape of the frame really lets your legs lock into the bike. This really helps with the control of the bike and make it feel more like your riding "in" the bike rather than "on" the bike. Hopefully that makes sense. I put a different bar bend (doug henry protapers) because they are straighter (less sweep) and a little bit wider. They fit my long lanky arms better. I could have gotten by with the stock bars though. Overall the ergos of this bike feel pretty roomy and everything feels like it's in the right spot. I am pretty tall (6'1") so I really really like the way this bike feels. It's a major reason I got this bike (that and the smooth motor). I usually have to mess around with taller bar mounts, etc... All I had to do to make this bike feel PERFECT was a different bend of bars. All of the suzukis seem to have really roomy, comfortable ergos. My RM125 was the same way, I loved that bike. I'm sure this bike could be set up really well for shorter people too.
  9. chadapotamus

    triple clamps/bar mounts

    I'm the opposite, I can't wait to get rid of the stock rubber mounted clamp. I hate that thing! If you have even a small tip-over, the bars get twisted in the clamp and the front end feels all whacked out. At first I thought it was my forks twisting in the clamps taking the front wheel out of alignment but it's the rubber mounted bar mounts. I've never had any complaints with a solid mounted clamp. I actually like the feel. For me the rubber mounted clamps don't make that much of a difference. You can't go wrong with a solid mounted applied or tag or whatever. If you really must get a rubber mounted clamp, go with the RG3. They have two posts on each bar-mount so they won't twist. I had one on my KTM. Kinda pricey though.
  10. chadapotamus

    IMS Tank Install

    Does anyone have an IMS tank that also has the works connection radiator braces and a steering stabilizer (GPR)? I'm wondering if all this stuff will fit. I'm not too worried about the braces... more concerned about the mount for the stabilizer clearing the tank.
  11. chadapotamus

    Finding neutral on a RMZ 450

    Thanks for making that point....again and again and again.
  12. chadapotamus

    Soboba Ride Gone BAD

    You mean that bike didn't FALL in there? Someone actually rode in the rut up to that point? How the hell...!?
  13. chadapotamus

    RMZ as a 250 mile desert racer?

    I've been riding mine in the desert quite a bit since I got it and plan to do some baja trips on it too (usually 500+ miles). I think once I have it all set up correctly it will be a very capable desert machine. If people are doing it on CRF450s then there's no reason this bike won't be as good if not better. The motor works so good in the des as well as the track. I'm trying to get together another baja trip for this season before it gets too hot, it will be my second one and first with this bike. I made the last one on a 250F! Also, if everything works out I should be pre-running the entire Baja 1000 course in october with some friends that will be racing. I won't hesistate to bring this bike as long as it's set up and prepped.
  14. chadapotamus

    Rmz450 Or Yzf450 Question Help

    On the track, I LOVE the 4 speed. It's so easy to ride, you barely have to shift. Put it in 3rd and go! 2nd for the tighter turns. You might see 1st if you ride tight indoor-style tracks, but I like the bigger, faster, outdoor style tracks. As far as desert, it tops out a little early but I am still running stock gearing. Once I try some different taller gearing combos it should work really well in the desert. Bottom line is, the 4 speed does not hold you back. It's not something that hinders the bike compared to the 5-speed. It's not like they just took out 5th gear like a lot of people think. It's more of a wide ratio 4 speed, so it's like spreading 4 gears out to cover what 5 used to do. The 450 has no problem pulling the wider gearing. Less shifting lets you focus more on the track and your lines rather than trying to keep your bike's motor in the sweet spot. Both are good bikes though, I'm sure you'd be happy with either.
  15. chadapotamus

    Adelanto Grand Prix

    I'll be there! I can't wait. I just got a GPR for my bike, I should definitely get a chance to test it out! I decided to race the 4-stroke novice on saturday. I probably won't do that great, but I guess gotta move up sometime. I wanted to race the open class on sunday too, but I have to go home to San Diego after my race on sat. I should be camping with Weedon and maybe a couple other proride guys on friday night.