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    DRZ400SM wheels and tires fit a DRZ400S?

    Anyone know of a place to get some SM factory rims and tires. Will I need spacers if I put stock SM wheels on a S. Also will my speedometer be messed up with the different rims and tires? Thanks for any information. -Brian
  2. Hey guys, I just joined the forum here. I own a stock 2002 DRZ400S and I'm wanting to convert it to a Supermoto. I was wondering if it would be alot of work to put the rims and tires from the new DRZ400SM on my bike. I was wondering if you needed to change anything since the 400SM has a different front suspension and brakes. Also is the gearing different at all on the SM. I'm looking for more top end on my bike. Thanks for any info. -Brian