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  1. Can i see some ISDE vids plz?? If you have any post em up!!! Thanks
  2. Hello im lookin for a ktm 200, if anyone has one they are lookin to sell then let me know! Thanks
  3. Thats gotta be a bitch to mow!!
  4. Thats a great looking bike, nice work!
  5. It was the US open people
  6. 2 strokes all the way biatch!!!
  7. I have never heard of that bike before. Looks nice tho
  8. U prolly need a camera that takes a little clearer pics. But overall the track looks like a blast!!
  9. Thats a nice bike
  10. ttr's arent somethin ot brag bout either
  11. By getting a 150 you arent stepping up. I race with the 150's all the time, and they dont seem all that fast to me (power wise) U should jus step up to the 125 or 250f
  12. Man thats an awesome helmet
  13. Think how bad it would have been without that factory supension!!lol
  14. Yea i agree, at least he got up and kept goin.
  15. Ok..... Ill keep that in mind