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    To all the knowledgeable people on this site. I have 2003 YZ250f that wasn't doing so hot. It only took about 300 searches on Thumpertalk to get it running perfect. Keep up the good work because I'm sure I will mess something else up and need some help. So Thanks!!!!
  2. i just bought a carbon fiber gyt-r exhaust w/o header(ebay) for my 03 yz250f. the mid pipe of the gyt-r is way to big for the header on the bike. i thought that i had the stock header because it has the stock guard on it and i bought the bike used with a dr.d exhaust on it so i am not really sure. so do you have to have a gyt-r header to fit that exhaust or do i not have a stock header? any advice would be great. thanks.