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  1. 95Monster

    Preferred Slip-on?

    +1 on the Pro-Curcuit Type 496 w/ Sparky!
  2. 95Monster

    Heading to the speedway tonight...

    When my 4yr old nephew came to visit last year, I took him to Costa Mesa. He went home to Charleston, SC with a Mad Dog McConnell tee shirt. To this day, he thinks "Mad Dog" is a superhero...
  3. 95Monster

    Full Moon Gorman/LPNF night ride Wed June 18

    Maybe not seeing all those rocks would make it easier. Maybe not. I'll say a prayer for you guys...
  4. 95Monster

    Clear Creek Closed By BLM

    Tort reform is way overdue. It's not a tax issue. It's a liability issue. Until the general public is willing to take responsibility and risk for their own behavior, our Gov't will continue to "protect" us from ourselves. Just sayin... George
  5. 95Monster

    Big Dude needs change

    Check out the book by Bill Phillips "Body For Life." It's hard work but once you get into it... I lost 50 lbs and have kept it off for five years. Basically, food is fuel. Put in crappy fuel and your body runs crappy.
  6. 95Monster

    Santa Clarita ride on Sat 3/8

    I rode Boquet, San Fran, Spunky, etc up to the Rock Inn on my streetbike Sunday. I was surprised and pleased to see how green the burnt areas appeared. Looks like the recent rains have jump started the Spring growth. Keeping my fingers crossed for a reopen in the Fall.
  7. 95Monster

    Questions for BLM Ranger "Chief Ranger"

    This may be a dumb Q... but why isn't the AMA spearheading a fight to protect our riding areas? Is it because we like wearing helmets? And while I'm here... props to Wayne and Chief Ranger. Your efforts ARE appreciated. George
  8. 95Monster

    Ducati Hypermotard off-road - do-able?

    I have a hypermotard. I'd hate to ride it on a gravel road, much less single track. It's an awesome bike, for the asphalt.
  9. 95Monster

    Fanny Pack?

    Kinda pricey, but if you have an XR650, you're set. FYI, they'll switch out the XR stuff for 250/450X parts.
  10. 95Monster

    Rowher Flats (Texas Canyon) Closed for 18 months???

    Rowher being my favorite haunt, I've been forced out of my comfort zone and went exploring the desert yesterday. We went out to Dove Springs during the Storm Of The Century, expecting to ride in cold, windy rain. I took my new bike for it's break in ride...well I rode 25 miles last weekend at Johnson Valley... but I'm just getting back in the saddle after breaking my collar bone and a rib 8 weeks ago. Anyway...back to the story, we arrived at Dove Springs just after Noon and headed out with our Friends Of Jawbone map... did a 50 mile loop, mostly dirt roads, some single track and higher elevation trails. Perfect weather, bright sunny skies, snow and ice in the higher stuff and saw ONE rider the whole day. Wow, the place was a ghost town! I couldn't believe it after the recent threads about checkpoints, etc. One other bike the whole day! Now, I'm sure this wasn't the norm... but an awesome day of riding!!! George
  11. 95Monster

    Un healed Collar bone..Dr Mark?

    Wow, cool to find this thread and a physician who understands our POV! It's been 7 weeks since I knocked myself out, fractured my collar bone and broke a rib; at 44yrs old! While I've been on the mend, two brand new Hondas moved into my garage. I'm desperate to ride them... So I go to my new doctor last week (wk 6) for a check up. He looks at my x-rays and says: "You're f'd." Whoa...whaddaya mean, Doc? He tells me my riding days are over! In the nicest way possible, I tell him he's full of $hit and ask why. He points at my x-ray which shows older injuries: another busted collar bone, arthritis around my shoulders and neck and fractured & fused c1,c2,c3... I explain that stuff happened over the last 20 yrs (and it doesn't count!) . He claims that it looks like I've been running a jackhammer for 20 years and says I'm going to live the rest of my life in pain. ***? If I quit riding, will I avoid a life of pain? "Naw, the damage is done." I left his office pissed off and called my buds back east who are physicians. They told me to chill (guessing it was just theatrics) and bring my x-rays home for Christmas. Well, I went back today for a followup with grumpy old Dr "House" and he was less dramatic. He still believes I'm crazy to get back on a bike but accepted it. Bones are healing, meds are working the dizziness/balance probs with my inner ear (which he diagnosed as allergy related and not crash trauma. Hmmm.) It may take a few more weeks to clear up the inner ear thing... but otherwise I'm good to go. Looking back, I over reacted during and after the first visit. But when a physician tells somebody like us we're f'd and can't ride anymore, he better have a reason other than it's dangerous and you've hurt yourself before. We get it. It comes with the territory... beats dying from obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc.. caused by a sedentary life on the couch. I want a new doctor...one that'll say "You're f'd...UNLESS... you stretch, swim, do yoga, boxing, eat cherrios, pop wheelies, spend more money at strip clubs...etc." Sorry for the rant... and the threadjack... must be the head injury... George
  12. 95Monster

    Tech 8's

    Once broken in, they're great. Don't even notice the bootie. BUT, I hate the damn metal buckles...especially with tired hands at the end of a long day.
  13. 95Monster

    helo crash?

    Here's some more of the story... http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2007/11/15/america/LA-GEN-Mexico-Road-Race-Deaths.php
  14. 95Monster

    Bike Rental in the WHL / Pasadena area?

    Eagle Rider near LAX rents dirt bikes and trailers. I don't think there is any rentals or riding off-road near Woodland Hills. The closest ride spot, Rowher/DWF, burned last week. So your best bet is probably Hungry Valley, which is up the I-5 in Gorman. Good luck, the riding is much different than FL/GA. The logistics may be a nightmare for you... but well worth it.