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  1. outlaw racers

    Honda TRX450 Jetting

    I was trying to rejet my 450r with the airbox lid off i have a yoshi full system on it i went up to a 160 main jet it ran good i road it and on the way back it started cutting out at about half throttle so i put the air box lid back on and it did good again. why did it start cutting out after runing good
  2. outlaw racers

    YFZ 450 Vs TRX 450

    look dude i have a trx a i love it i mx and xc and i have more first place trophies than anyother and in almost every race there has been a yfz there so go figure
  3. when jetting my trx450r from stock. what size do you think i should go up for the yoshi miura full system and the airbox lid off?