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    CRF 100 bogs

    Yeah I thought about that but the needle clip on a 08 is not adjustable
  2. Need some help with an issue I'm having. I recently bought a stock '08 CRF 100 for my son. Did a tune-up on it, new plug, air filter, oil change, valve adjust, etc... I removed the carb and did a good cleaning on it and confirmed all jets and passages were clear. The original pilot screw had a slight bend in the tip so I replaced it with a new one. The original pilot screw was set about 2 turns in and the previous owner had the idle set pretty high. After adjusting the idle, the bike runs great. Starts on kick 1 or 2, idles fine, no hesitation going through the gears. The only issue is if I blip the throttle from idle to full the bike bogs and stalls. If I give it just a bit of throttle, it revs right up no problem. I pulled the carb again, checked nothing was clogged, and the float level appears to be spot on. After experimenting a bit, I found the bike will not do the throttle blip bog stall if I set the choke in the mid position. Now if I'm understanding it correctly that would lead me to believe that I'm a bit lean on the idle circuit. So, I warmed the bike up good and tweaked the pilot screw for best idle. It's now at about 2 3/4 turns. Bike starts right up and idles great. The bog is still there but not as pronounced as before. I'm in Texas at about 600' elevation and temps have been in the 90's. I'm thinking of putting a #38 slow jet in there (it has a 35s in right now) and see if that helps. Or, am I being too OCD and need to leave well enough alone? Thanks.