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    dr350 suspension settings

    Thanks much for the input guys, I went all the way hard on all 4 adjustments front and back just for giggles and it actually feels a lot better. I'll look into heavier front fork oil too. I thought I had the street model, but I do have a compression adjuster at the bottom right of my rear shock. I believe the previous owner did do the airbox mod and rejetted it. I think fine tuning that might be my next task in familarizing myself with the bike. Question for you kojack, the top screws on the forks: if its just ment for the fork height.. It would make sense that going all the way hard would raise them up correct? If it doesnt sound too loco, I may back that one all the way out.. and leave the rest at hard. Does that make sense at all?
  2. jahn

    dr350 suspension settings

    Hey guys, I just bought a 1999 dr350se.. Its a daily commuter pretty much, never touches the dirt. I just put some 90/10 street tires front and back which have helped the stability on the pavement quite a bit. And I replaced my chain and both sprokets (went to 15/44 for a little more bite) which were beat up pretty badly from the previous owner... Just curious if anyone has some suspension advice? Right now, the front forks (top and bottom) at 5 clicks from in all the way, but ive noticed a lot of bouncing on the front tire on uneven pavement (can get a bit hairy if you hit a bump at full lean).. Which makes me think my bound settings are ok but my rebound is a bit too light? Does that make sense? And I have not even touched the rear settings yet, nor do I know how to adjust them. I should probably invest in a manual (tell me to rtfm, its ok). My goal is just a fun little semi'motard wheelie machine, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks much, John ps: I noticed also that someone possibly drilled like (5) 1/2 inch holes in the top of the airbox. Could this cause any problems or did they do me a favor? I have noticed a flat spot right as you start to crack the throttle open, but its smooth as butter once its wide open, tho it could just be the nature of the beast right?!?
  3. jahn

    Newbie question(s)

    Hi Everyone, Long story short, I was a first timer and purchased a brand new yamaha r6 rocket 3 years ago. I rode it hard for the first 4000 miles and it was stolen in front of my house.. Unfortunately I was going thru some times and was unable to get another bike.. Its been killing me to have to drive on 4 wheels...... A friend recently gave me a 1999 (maybe a 2000? not sure, i'll check tomorrow) DR-350, Ive been using it to commute to work.. which is about a 5 mile drive. Its street legal but has some like barely legal nobbies on it. Around 60 mph it starts bouncing around a bit. BTW: The 101 is the worse road in the world. (im new to the bay area, cali) The bike is in great shape for a tahoe ridden trailbike. The engine is strong, starts without problems and runs great. I don't think it has been ridden much. The previous owner told me that he recently replaced the oil, and that it may need a new chain soon. Everything is basically immaculate, stock afaik. I tested the bike out a few times in tahoe before bringing it down to the bay area, its amazing how much more power it has at sea level here in the bay 6k+ feet elevation. I almost crapped my pants when the front wheel lifted up in 3rd gear while accelerating over a rise in the road. Very quick for an old dirtbike eh? This thing scares me like my old yama R6! Maybe its just the soft suspension and nobby tires. Enough with the foreplay, I'm curious what street tires (different size rims?) should I put on it? Its going to be on the street 100% of the time. Any suggestions on making it a bit more stable on the road? Im not quite sure what a supermotard is but it sounds like fun.