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  1. Any one have a source or a wallpaper of that pic ?
  2. lol oh my man , thats all i saw when I worked there all year last year was green rider pride everything
  3. Im suprised you dont have any rider pride stickers on your bike lol
  4. Im on a PC , i tried what you said , its not the most clear but it will work thanks
  5. with what ? sorry not a huge computer guy
  6. Can somebody help me out , I want to save a single fram from video off my go pro , is here a simple way to do this or something to edit that I can capture a single frame so how for a bunch of footage I recorded? Thanks
  7. Could anyone point me in the right direction to send my head in and get some porting and motor work done , seems harder to find and im new to ktm
  8. I basicly just put a 53 tooth on the rear and make sure its spotless.
  9. Same with me not a problem at all , dont waste your cash on a Tokyo mods kit or anything like that
  10. I run 13/53 on my 08 CRF250r , motor is done , pro circuit exhaust , u4.2 ect , I love it , but its all personal perferance.
  11. I got one today too. I have a 04 Chevy 2500HD with 4 inches of lift on 36's , ramp works pretty well , the only think I don’t like is that they shoulda put some rubber like on the ends on the center step part , but I’m going to fix that my self. Otherwise it seems pretty solid and is well made; I would suggest anyone with a lifted truck.
  12. Anybody been to one of there events? Well put on ? organized? Track shape ect ? Any help or info wouldl be great , thinking of making the 3 hour drive for the day.
  13. Pricing is good though , they had more ride time though last year , I havent been this year .
  14. Its about 1/2 the size
  15. the vp one