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  1. I got the bar risers & Renthal fat bars Atv bend and the bike feels a whole lot better than before. I can now stand up on the bike with out bending my back to reach the bars. Now I just have to find a way for my feet to touch the ground a little better with a shaved seat.
  2. Yea I hear where you are coming from, but I am use to thrashing on some rented stuff not my own. I am just wondering about accelerated wear to parts that normally just see dirt, mud and water. I've never seen the aftermath of some serious sand damage to a dirt bike. I have seen what Pismo does to the uderside of my lifted 4x4 truck. I am a auto mechanic I have no problem with getting things fixed. I am just pondering if the fun will be worth the fix or cleaning.
  3. I might be taking my Dirt Bike drz 400 out to Pismo Beach Dunes. I have heard storys about how sand gets into seals and bearing. Any information would be great. I usually just rent a ATV when I am out at Pismo. How much wear and tear does sand really do to the bike?
  4. I am 5'7 about 170lbs. It took a little getting use to balancing on my toes while the bike is not moving.
  5. I need to talk to the guy that sold me the bike becasue it has been rejetted and does have a yoshi slip on pipe. This high flow filter does it flow more air because it is filtering less dirt.
  6. I took my 2001 drz400 out form the first time yesterday and had a blast very happy in general with this bike. I found the handle bars feel way to low or the seat is just too high. Any body know a good set up for a shaved seat and either handle bar risers or taller bars. Any info would be great thanks.
  7. I have heard some where that there is a airbox modification for my 2001 Drz 400 that has to do with cutting a hole some where around the air box. What exactly does this do? I have heard different answers from different people. Where exactly is this hole suppost to be cut? Does this modification cut down on other modification consederations?