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    Hillclimb a 1965 Sunbeam Tiger, ride my TE 510 in wooded single track areas around the SW of West Au
  1. On the dummy grid at the Vintage Stampede today. Car went very well...I went ok...best motor sports day ever for me. For once not too hot, few delays and lots of laps. Managed my best times ever on both short and long tracks. Only because the car was terrific rather than anything special from the elderly steerer..I am glad I haven't slowed down yet though! Brother Philip had a great day too. His car is the red 260Z.

  2. Tiger_dft

    Loose insert in subframe

    Bloody thing LHS rear panel bolt spins....can't do up or undo. Tried everything except napalm. Guess I'll have to drill head off, remove panel, try and hold rivnut. I don't like these things!
  3. Tiger_dft

    some pics of a TE-510 rebuild

    Hi Ruffus, Long time no speak....I'm the guy in Perth West Australia with the TE510, Datsun SR311 and Sunbeam Tiger. I am still going to send you some photos of the Dato when I get it out of storage....should be soon!! If you go to top menu line File>Save Page as...you should be able to save this page to your PC. It is great to see these photos. I have wondered what my 2005 TE510 looks like inside! Appears quite good from photos. Big shame about the shrapnel that has been through this motor. I'm sure it will be carefully cleaned...all oil ways..everything must be spotless. My 2005 TE510 is going very well, I have geared 15/45 so apart from too tall 1st gear (never been stuck yet or heated clutch...but I do plan ahead better!!) the gearing suits my riding. Mainly firetrails and 3rd 4th gear stuff. My wife even came with me into the Bungle Bungles (on the back) 200 klm round trip with 30+ creek crossings. Enough hijacking...back to the main program! Cheers
  4. Tiger_dft

    Balancing radiators...

    Hi AC Beware of the Liquid Intelligence coolant. I have done a little research for my car. I asked a US Forum ....their responses way down the bottom of this post. Things to watch out for:- Your engine will run hotter (but not boil until > 195C) Your coolant is flammable Just saying.....use it if you like but be aware of it's upside AND downsides. Cheers David Subject: Re: [Tigers] Waterless coolant - Sunbeam Tiger - Perth W.A. - Some Aussie info > > folks, let me relate an account of a near disaster on the salt flats > which had as one of the elements of the near disaster..waterless > coolant. The waterless coolants will BURN! The driver of the Mormon > Meteor, a diesel powered stream liner, had a leak spring up in one of > the coolant lines. The coolant was sprayed onto the headers and was set > abalze. The burning coolant found small pinholes and cracks leading into > the cockpit area and the driver was severely burned. And when I say > severely, I mean that. He lost bits and pieces of fingers and I think > toes as well. He lost the use of some of the digits I believe. So, > check the MSDS sheets for what ever you are planning on using regards > waterless coolants. I am not sure if the one he was using was EVANS or > Peak or maybe anoother but they are all similar. I believe glycol is the > major constituent. Be careful. Water all by itself is the very best > heat transfer medium for cooling and with the appropriate additives is > safe to run and will keep everything clean. If you have a heated up > motor and you run it at elevated rpm a lot then get the right radiator > and water pump and continue to use water. In the salt car I use nothing > but distilled water with red line water wetter, a surfactant which > permits increased surface wetting, and a seal lube for water pump > seals. As in all things, your mileage may vary! Just be careful... > > mayf > David and Varley Tweddle wrote: > > >Some of you have expressed interest in the "Waterless coolant".....here is my > >question to Aussie Supplier and his response. > > > >QUESTION.......... > > > >From: David and Varley Tweddle [mailto:davidandvarley@hotmail.com] > >Sent: Monday, January 25, 2010 12:01 AM > >To: Wal > >Subject: Waterless coolant - Sunbeam Tiger - Perth W.A. > > > >Hi, > > > >I have a "hot" Sunbeam Tiger. > > > >It is very difficult to keep cool on days > 30C!! > > > >It has a 302W running high compression etc etc. > > > >Do you think the waterless coolant would help? > > > >Is there an Agent in Perth? > > > >I'm going to Philip Island for the Historic meeting in March. Is this coolant > >able to be packed/flown in my luggage? > > > >Thanks for any info. > > > >Cheers > >David Tweddle > >0400774936 > > > >ps....I used to run grass track (Romsey) and Short Circuit (Seymour) a little > >slower than Gary Flood....way back in the 60's!! Does he still ride? > > > >RESPONSE > > > >jeff.eakin@comcast.net > >tigers@autox.team.net > > > >Hi David, > > > >Hard to say ? we find that using the Evans NPG+ actually increases the running > >temps by between 5 to 10 degrees c, but the product has a much higher boiling > >point. > > > >No we do not have an agent in Perth, we can send the product to you by post. > > > >I dont think the Airlines would like to see it airfeighted. > > > >The Evans NPG+ sells for $ 79.43 per US gallon ( 3.77 liters ) > > > >Nope, Gary dont ride anymore, but runs the place here now. > > > >Regards > > > >Wal > > > >MY THOUGHTS.... > > > >Very expensive...but then again a cooler Tiger is priceless!!Increased running > >temp not good but not being able to boil is better.My car has only ever puked > >once (at Wanneroo road race track) when it was 42C. So normally it just runs > >hotter than I'm comfortable with. When it puked I had to stop!Think I'll try > >thermo bypass blanking, then heater elimination, increased size of lower - > >below rad air dam, shutting hood(bonnet) I have it jacked up at rear but have > >read this is very high pressure air at rear of hood and may in fact be > >worse.Temps here in Perth forecast 38C+ for next week or so....I'll see if I > >can attach some of this and send it over to the US, some of the kind > >responders mentioned they coulddo with some of our excess. Wait, can't attach > >things on this forum....drat! > >Thanks again for all the wisdom here on this invaluable resource. > > > >Cheers > >"Hot" David Tweddle
  5. Tiger_dft

    How many hrs/miles on your 450 or 510

    05 - TE510, Before I bought it dealer had spilt cases (at 500 miles or so) to fix occasional gearshift jamming due to swarf/debris in selectors, at this time bike was fitted with new rod/piston/rings/barrel under warranty. Since I've had it no real problems apart front wheel out of balance which caused minor tendency to headshake. Bike now has 1800 miles - love it - and as a bonus I think I'm actually a better rider!! This bike will keep me happy for many years - it's a quality unit!
  6. 1. Only use hot start when hot 2. turn on fuel 3. ensure kill switch in on position 4. ignition key switch in either most clockwise or second to most clockwise position 5. When cold....full choke....no throttle. 6. pull in decomp andn kick over for at least 5 kicks 7. release decomp 8. get to TDC 9. pull in decomp 10.gently kick to JUST over TDC 11. release decomp 12. NO throttle 13. BIG kick no start return to 8. No throttle means NO throttle!! Good luck....works for me....I couldn't start mine until I did exactly the above. Always starts now. When hot, NO throttle, push in hot start then step 8 on! Cheers David
  7. Tiger_dft

    TE510 Gearing

    I'm also running a 15/45 on my '05 TE510 and it is feels good at about 55mph. That would be my max cruise speed for any long haul. It still accelerates like crazy and imo makes the close ratio box even sweeter!! On tight single track etc I had to clutch it a couple of times but nowhere near excessively....so overall, very happy with 15/45.