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  1. tsarbar

    2012 250SX Horsepower

    It has a Pro Circuit pipe and R304 silencer
  2. tsarbar

    2012 250SX Horsepower

    I can't ride with the levers anywhere close to the horizontal position. It fees like my hands are bending backwards if I'm up over the front fender !!
  3. tsarbar

    2012 250SX Horsepower

    I took the showa off the Honda....both bikes run GPR dampers. No mods are needed to install them.
  4. tsarbar

    2012 250SX Horsepower

    This one I have yet to unplug the connector to change the ignition map or swap out the optional powervalve springs.....still trying to get more saddle time before explore those moves. One of the sweet things KTM does is include all the jets, needles, springs you may need, all in a soft black case. You don't have to be nickel and dimed by you're local dealer.
  5. tsarbar

    2012 250SX Horsepower

    I've ridden it with and without the pipe and silencer mentioned. With the stock parts there was a strong hit just about halfway into the powerband that tapered off on top. The new stuff is night and day different from the mid point on.....there's plenty of over-rev to work with a smoother overall feel.
  6. tsarbar

    It's official...I am pumpkin!

    I did let some of my riding partners take it for a spin, and they all remarked how easy it turned and how fast it was! As you can see it only has 1.5 hours on it.....so it's not really broken in yet. I've used MXA's recomendations as a starting point....48 front springs (I weigh 202), 160 main and optional needle on the third clip. It's been awhile since I rode a smoker......whether it's turning or braking everything this bike does is quick...compared to my 250f there's a big difference in riding style.
  7. tsarbar

    It's official...I am pumpkin!

    From this to this and never looking back!
  8. tsarbar

    exhaust pics...

  9. tsarbar

    2008 single exhaust

    I've been using ear plugs for about three years now. They take some getting use to but do a great job of toning down the racket from my Yosh duals..MTC
  10. tsarbar

    jetting for Joshimura dual in crf 250 07

    172 main, 42 pilot, 40 leak, 2 turns of the fuel screw and no float bowl baffle or filter screen MTC
  11. tsarbar

    ASV levers

    Insert the spring behind the adapter for your 07. Place the spring all the way into the lever then add the adapter then install them both into the perch. This worked great for me.
  12. tsarbar

    renthal twin ring sprocket

    These sprockets wear like iron:smirk:man
  13. tsarbar

    '08 hard to start

    Had the same experience with mine. Took about ten minutes of kicking before she lit the first time. I've had every year of this model and all the previous ones started first kick. She only has about 45 min. of break in time, so I'm hopeful starting will become easier after some more laps.
  14. tsarbar

    08' ride reports??!!

    Rode sunday: I was impressed with the bottom end to mid range power increase over last years model along with more over rev on top. I also experienced no bogging (thank god) at any spot in the power band. I will need to tighten up the steering damper up some as the bike seems more twitchy than my 07...but over all this thing flat rips...and the faster you ride it the better the suspension feels. I'm happy i bought a Honda again despite the wait and all the hype about fuel injection that never made production.