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    Horn with no Honk

    Thanks, I haven't thought of that,
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    Horn with no Honk

    I have a 1999 Australian model WR400F. In order to get a certificate of compliance for road use the horn needs to work. I have replaced it, replaced it again with a 6 volt type, tweaked the sound adjuster settings, cleaned the push button contacts, checked the connections. The best I can get out of it is a Meak little pulse. Bruuuuu..uu....u..u..uu. When the lights are on. virtually nothing. I have 12 volts AC no load and 9 Volts AC with lights on. The Head light bulb is 35 watt ( with in Spec). What else can I look for or do???????? Man, petrol/Gas is getting expensive I need to get this baby on the road.