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  1. Big Zero

    Restored a clapped out 04!

    Just out of curiosity, how much did you pay for the bike? I found an 04' that needs a rebuild for $1400. I just wondered if that was good. I will probably part the motor and related components out as I am only interested in it, as a roller, for a CR500AF project. Paul BTW, your bike turned out great.
  2. Big Zero

    KTM 690 Stunt

    I wouldn't keep my license for long If I had access to something like that. I had to give up all my street legal bikes the way it is. It is strictly track only for me. I just can't keep my head. I make a living using my license, so bikes like those are just a dream to me. It looks like a ton of fun though. Paul G
  3. Big Zero

    Open track in Iowa July 29

    Open track Marshalltown, Ia. $30.00/rider for the day 9am to 5pm info www.ciamr.com Later Paul G
  4. Big Zero

    SM in MN!!!

    Depending on your location, there is supermoto going on in Iowa. www.ciamr.com there is a mini-roadracing series that allows supermoto bikes to compete, www.miniroadrace.com, and we have a select few trackdays. The track is open for practice during the week, during the day or evening for $15.00. The track is in Marshalltown, which is about in the center of the state. later
  5. Big Zero

    Triple Clamp QUAGMIRE

    I ran into the same thing with my 05' YZ450. Graves makes clamps but not for the 05' and older YZs. Other companies make offset clamps but only like 22 or 22.5mm offset. That won't make a bit of difference for the money invested. The company with the variable offset clamps also gave me the late this summer we will have something answer. There are tons of old 400s, 426s and 450s out there that would like to have offset clamps available, if someone would just make them. I like the idea of having 4 offsets in one clamp. Just change the inserts. I have heard of AMA guys running as little as 8mm offset clamps. I think the Graves units are 13 or 14mm. If you guys out there make the stuff, we will buy it. It has to stay in the $500.00 or less range though. later Paul G
  6. Big Zero

    New Racing show on SPEED

    It would be nice to know more info on the thing. It doesn't sound to me like the thing has been very well thought out. 125cc shifters on the roughest dirt 1/2 mile around. Someone is going to get killed. How are they going to work it if a karter is off the pace and is on the track at the same time there are bikes or quads out there? That is a recipe for disaster. What are they going to put in place for safety barriers? Knoxville's wooden walls aren't going to be very forgiving for the human body if something goes wrong, and it surely will. Is it run what you brung, or are they going to provide all the equipment? I got the feeling they would be bringing some equipment for the participants to ride/drive. It would be more fair if they had twelve of the same everything so it would be down to the best rider/driver. Sounds ike fun, but they need to release more details. later paul G
  7. Big Zero

    New Racing show on SPEED

    I just talked to a guy Wed. the 21st that is going to put an effort together. He is undecided on the rider, but he has all the equipment lined up. I offered to do the riding, but have had little experience on a cart. If it is at Knoxville, isn't that track a 1/4 mile? Should be scary fast. I can't wait to either ride or watch the festivities. I also heard that there may be as many as 30 entries. That should make things interesting. later Paul G www.ciamr.com
  8. Big Zero

    What is the deal with Supemoto?

    Like a lot of riders, my dad got me started out as a tike on minibikes. As I got older and larger, the MX type bikes were the only thing tough enough to stand up to my abuse. I did several years of racing from age 11 to age 16 when cars and girls became a little more important. I had a motorcycle license to ride on the street, so I started riding on the street some on my fathers 74' Z1 900. Lots of guys in town drag raced (mostly on the street) so I got my own ride and started doing that. Then Suzuki came out with this space ship looking 86' GSXR750. I thought it was the most ridiculous looking thing ever. Then I rode one. I was hooked on the corner carving and basically doing foolish stuff on the street with that thing. I upgraded through 89' when I met a mechanic at the local shop who did some endurance racing with a 88' GSXR. He turned me on to the YSR racing stuff as a way to cross train for bigger bike racing. I raced YSRs from then until just a few years ago. During my YSR racing time, I got pretty involved it the CCS racing with a TZ250. The YSR techniques transfered to the TZ easily and I basically bypassed the whole beginner stuff and was running up front with the experts from the start. I continued the TZ thing at the club level until I got married and so on. A few guys started showing up at the local kart track for YSR trackdays with motards. I thought they looked pretty rediculous, but sort of fun too. One of the riders was an up and comming rider named Matt Burton. (I think he finished 9th in points this season) The kid was blazing fast on his 450 Yami. I could handle him pretty easily with my geared down RS125 I had as a trackbike, but he was fast nun the less. I got a chance to ride his 450, and that was all it took. I had a pretty good MX background, and a good idea of how to negociate paved turns, so I figured it would be easy to make the transition. Turns out it wasn't so easy. I have aways been up for a challenge, so I sold all my roadrace stuff and bought a 450, and have been tarding ever since. I think what makes motards so contageous is the fact that most guys have some offroad background or some pavement background, so it seems like a good mix of both worlds. Beings that I had backgrounds in both off road and pavement, it was a natural transition, and a way to enjoy both pavement and offroad with the same bike at the same time. You really owe it to yourself to give a motard a try if you haven't yet. There are purpose built machines that do certain things better than a tard, but try taking a RS125 off a 60ft. double, or try riding your dirtbike with knobbies through the twisties. No other bike does both things as well as a tard. They are just fun. If I had a street legal tard, I would keep my license for less than a day, they just beg you to do stupid stuff. Sorry for the life story. Later Paul G www.ciamr.com
  9. Big Zero

    East Coast Wheels

    PLEASE GIVE YOUR BUSINESS TO A SHOP THAT VALUES YOU AS A CUSTOMER I do, that is why I continue to do business with Jeff. He is great guy who has always treated me well. When I ordered my first set, I wanted a 5" rear. They weren't going to be available until two months later. Jeff sent me a 4.25" wheel to ride on until the 5" wheels were available. Then he swapped the rims out for the difference in initial cost. I can't name one other company that would do that for a first time customer. Others had a bad experience, and can't let it go, I had a great experience, so I won't let that be forgotten either. later Paul G
  10. Big Zero

    East Coast Wheels

    Last time I talked to Jeff, they were doing a huge number of wheelsets every week. I am not sure how many guys Jeff has assembling wheels and such, but 1.5 to 2 hours per set takes time, especially if you are doing 40+ sets every week. It is true that Jeff needs to have someone at the phone and checking and answering e-mails full time. I, myself have never had any problems getting in touch with ECW, but it sounds like others have had issues with communication. Jeff can't really help if his suppliers are dropping the ball at times. Better communication to the customer on his part may help alleviate some of the anxiety buyers feel when e-mails and calls go unanswered. I will usually always give a guy a break if I feel that he is trying to do the right thing. I hate to see guys who have had bad experiences resort to starting these threads in order to get some sort of revenge on a company that they feel has done them wrong. It would be bad enough to start a thread like this one on one forum, but this thread has been started on at least two that I know of. Note to you, the same guys read both of the forums you posted on. It is really unnecessary to post twice. If you had the time to type us the novel, maybe you had the time to be more persistent with your phone dialing to get in touch with Jeff before it came to this. Sorry to go on, but Jeff has bent over backwards to help me out with the parts I have ordered. I have been doing business with him for several years now, and have never had a bit of trouble. it just goes to show that you can't please everyone every time. I think better communication on both the part of ECW as well as the customer could rectify most if the situations I have read about on these threads. Later Paul G
  11. Big Zero

    People or places to ride near Ottumwa Iowa

    There is a group doing supermoto about 1.5 hours northwest of Ottumwa in Marshalltown, IA. There is a Yamaha shop in Ottumwa that supports a AMA Pro Supermoto team. RJ Performance sponsors Matt Burton and a couple other guys who run the lites class. The website for the supermoto group is www.ciamr.com Later Paul G
  12. Throw on some street rubber and come up to Marshalltown and try supermoto. Less than an hour from DesMoines. info at www.ciamr.com we do supermoto, mini-gp and pocketbikes. There is a small dirt section for the pure supermoto guys. The Marshalltown OHV park is just 1 mile up the road from the kart track. I run my slicks there all the time. later Paul G
  13. Big Zero

    cp high compression piston?

    From what my guy has said (my guy being the R and D guy for Hot Cams for several Years) the JE Piston has the worng shaped dome which disrupts the flow of intake and exhaust gasses. There are so many differing opinions reagrding what works and what doesn't, that I don't know what to believe anymore. MY guys says the JE is junk. The higher compression will help the Hp as well as the torque. Race fuel may be recommended, but not required. I have run both, and have felt little difference. Later paul G The higher compression will help HP as well as torque.
  14. Big Zero

    cp high compression piston?

    I receintly put a CP in my 450 and gained around 3hp., And 3 ft. lbs. of torque. Your results may vary depending on cams, exhaust, and any headwork that may have been done. A well respected long time Yamaha guy highly recommends the CP picton over all others. Later Paul G
  15. Big Zero

    In search of 55hp

    You need to be careful who does your port work. The guy who has been helping me with my 05' YZ450 used to be the R and D guy for HotCams. He says that the way the head flows in critical to the performance of the bike. When I got my 05' some hack had been at the head, and basically ruined it by removing too much material. The hack was supposed to be a expert head guy. When I got the bike, it had HotCams already in it, the crappy head work, Jardine Supermoto pipe, and a fresh stock piston in it. It made 49 HP on the dyno. We replaced the stock piston with a CP Piston at 14:1. It then made 53 HP after dialing in the jetting a little better. With the proper head work, and better fuel, it should do much better than that. maybe in the 55 to 56 hp range. Try to contact Tony Tice, he had worked for Yamaha, and now runs a Yamaha shop here in Iowa. He has a website through which you should be able to reach him. www.ticeman.com Tony had a 98' YZ400 motor that put 62 HP to the tire. He knows his thumpers. BTW it was stuffed into a YSR50 chasis. Good luck Paul G www.ciamr.com