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    2001 Duke LC4 640 motor problem

    I guess we never checked the rear end out. The bike fired right back up and was driven back to work right after I crashed it.
  2. This past fall will riding my dad's 2001 KTM Duke 640, I had a strange problem. I was driving through a parking lot in 1st gear, around 20-25 mph, just getting ready to shift, when I was suddenly airborne over the bars and then watched as the Duke flipped and landed on my ankle. I have no idea what happened. There was no notice, just me suddenly airborne. The bikes rear tire just seemed to lock up. The Duke about a month earlier locked the rear tire up on my dad, but it didn't crash with him on it, same scenario, first gear, getting ready to shift. The bike has around 3K miles on her. The last couple of years, I have road raced it. The bike has been crashed several times while racing and snapped a shift lever before. The motor is out and split apart and we can find nothing wrong. No worn dogs, no chipped trans gear, nothing. The only thing showing wear is the steel clutch plates and those will be replaced along with the stock main shaft bearing. Any idea's?