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    kfx 400 VS. CANNONDALE Cannibal

    Cannondales are EXTREMELY under-rated. I don't have a hard time finding parts? Over at Daleriders you can find anything you would need. As far as the updates...i believe there was only 3 " actual " updates.....the rest were merely improvements. Fuel line, oil line and loctiting the bolts in the crank were the only true updates, i'm not 100% positive but i bet i'm damm close. The only Dales that i seen that would'nt smoke a Z/KFX stock for stock...were broke down. I own a KFX and i'm a member at Z400central.....i'll steal a line from Rstaw...if you choose performance then you choose maintanence, it's that simple. The Dales are " High Performance " quads...not sport quads like the Z/KFX/DVX's. If you take care of it...then it will take care of you. The only thing that has kept me from going into my motor is the statement Rstaw made. I'm lazy and i like my gas and go KFX. I'm sure NormalZ would like to NOT have do the maintanence on his bike like he does....if it was stock he may not have to...but since he races and has built his Z built for performance....it takes alot more maintanence to keep it at 100%. Bottom line is that a Dale can be made just as reliable as any Z.