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  1. Let me start off by saying that I know nothing about Huskys and have never owned one. Now, with these current deals going on, I'm super tempted by the TE449 but something isn't sitting right with me. Seems like it is a well made and fun bike but have heard many rumors, one being that the factory was closed due to know design flaws. So my questions for all you Husky guys is, would you buy one? Does anyone know of any issues with the 13's? Is this really a reliable dualsport machine?
  2. DansDR

    RORR Dualsport 10/18

    Anyone going this coming Sunday 10/18? Looking for someone to tag along with on the trail.
  3. PM me if you are interested in hooking up for a trail ride.
  4. DansDR

    Hammer Run 2009

    Yes this is a damn good one...I can't wait any longer...need hammer run 09 now.
  5. Believe me, it’s not just these guys. There have been multiple occasions where I have had to deal with Ca. companies and man, they just have no clue out there. So to answer your question, YES.
  6. I highly advise not to order parts from fastpartsoutlet.com, also doing business as afterburnermx.com. They have no idea whats going on and their service is beyond terrible. It took two weeks to get the wrong part so they are anything but fast and competent. As a general rule, I don't order anything from California since the majority of folks there are brain dead:bonk: but I went against my better jugdement and paid the price.
  7. DansDR

    Show your dirt WR !!

    Heres my little piggy after a dual sport run 2 weeks ago...
  8. DansDR

    SECRET riding spots in new jersey??

    Lawyers are what's wrong with America! They are why my car insurance is high, my health insurance is high, and we pretty much can't do anything anymore including riding our bikes in peace. This society we live in has evolved into a bunch of cry baby whiney bitches, that can't mind their own business and I don't know about you guys, but i'm completely sickened by it all. Sorry for the off topic rant. I'm just a pissed off American.
  9. DansDR

    Dead Spot In Throttle

    I have an 04 doing the same thing but I have the Zip Ty screw and the Quickshot. It got better with the Quickshot but I figured its was just that 4-stroke bog and I'd have to live with it. Maybe one day when I have money to waste i'll pick up one of those fancy adjustable leak jets.
  10. DansDR

    Hancock Quarry-Run dualsport getting close!

    I've been riding dualsports for a few years and have done rorr, durty dabbers, hammer run, and sjer, but never hancock. How tough is this ride? I'm kinda getting mixed signals from advrider. Is it hella rocky? Lots of technical crap? Also, are they strict on street legal? I hear there is a tech inspection? Fill me in bros. Thx.
  11. DansDR

    Anti OHV Press/Editorial in The ATLANTIC CITY PRESS

    New Jersey is full of arrogant, brain dead, cry babies. There is so much wrong in this state and people are concerned with off road vehicles? Lets see...my taxes are sky high, my auto insurance is sky high(never had an accicdent or claim), and there is corruption everywhere. Its funny how builders are able to come in and put up houses on any available plot so they can just keep cramming people in. Oh thats right, they just pay officials off to get that done. I'm so sick of this crap state and thats why we are trying to get the hell out of here. What ever happened to having cool neighbors? Now a days, you can't take a s*it without somebody moaning about it and wanting to call the cops. Sorry guys but the people in NJ are the absolute worst!
  12. PC Racing ProSeal? http://pcracingusa.com/store/index.php?cPath=8&osCsid=6c5937f3b9409b2352d8096f03909635 Looks brilliant but I didn't see a part number for the WR450 except the one you cut yourself. Feedback? I'm really sick of grease.
  13. DansDR

    Will an 05 airbox fit in an 04?

    Well, the answer is: yes! The carburetor boot part of the box had an extra hole at the top with a 90 degree plastic elbow in it so I just capped it. I guess 05 had some extra smog crap or something.
  14. They look the same to me but checking the online parts fiche doesn't give the whole box part number and the few parts I cross checked differ by 1 digit. Just wondering if any you guys know off hand.
  15. DansDR

    Question for Photographers

    Obviously there are more but I figured this was a thread for amateur photogs. Leica, no. I'll give you Mamiya and Hasselblad but way to rich for my blood. Sorry, I should have classified...Nikon and Canon, who make high quality SLR bodies and lens systems, AT MORE AFFORDABLE PRICES.