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  1. ckroto

    WR250F or WR450F...........

    Well, speaking from experience also. I had an 06 wr250 that I enjoyed very much. I had the feeling toward the end that I would love the power of a 450. So I got an 07 wr450 and I do love the power. I have been on the 450 for 2 years and the only complaint I have is the weight. This bike is a tank. Dont get me wrong, I still enjoy it. The singletrack we ride is mostly 2nd and 3rd gear stuff and fairly technical. Having ridden both bikes back to back I am always faster and less tired riding the 250. Yep, faster on the smaller bike. Its just easier to toss around than the bigger bike. That being said, whatever the reason, I'm STILL riding the 450 and have sold the 250. Fun factor I guess. I dont care if I'm the fastest guy, I just want to have fun:ride:
  2. ckroto

    WR Kick Starter Hard to turn open & Close

    Not a big deal. Happened on my 07 also. Just pull the bolt, remove the kickstarter. Clean all parts and reassemble with a good quality grease. Everything goes right back to normal.
  3. ckroto

    backfire screen

    I have not used a backfire screen on any on my bikes. Never burned one to the ground yet. Removed from my 07 for almost 2 years now.That being said, its probably more of a mental performance gain than anything else. Its not a lie if you believe it.
  4. ckroto

    F2 Racing: two thumbs up!!

    I heard from a buddy in Flagstaff that F2 is out of business, closed the doors, gone. Bad economy? Who knows. Bummer, they seemed to have some good products and knowledge to offer the moto community. RIP F2 racing
  5. ckroto

    A leaf fell into my crankcase

    :lol: :lol:
  6. I like your style Aussie. Just did mine the hard way a few weeks ago. Your way looks much quicker. With my kickstarter seal leaking I think I'll try your methods.
  7. ckroto

    2007 WR450 Airbox removal?!?!?!?! HELP

    leave the rivets. Just pull the rear shock and remove the whole airbox. Doesn't take that long at all.
  8. ckroto

    engine Oil leaking from air box!!

    Yup, just like they said, too much oil. I only know from experience....oops:ride:
  9. ckroto

    Streetability 2008 WR450?

    The search feature really does work. Here you go. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=582915&highlight=water+pump+seals This should cover any questions about road use.
  10. ckroto

    Valves & riding in very dusty conditions

    plus one on the filter skins. They are great. worth every penny:ride:
  11. ckroto

    wr 450 reliable for road miles?

    Nothing like resurecting an old thread, but I recently started riding my 07 about 50 miles a day and I'm glad to see its gonna hold up. Glad to find this thread hanging around. Anyone tried avon Distenza tires? They seem to look decent.
  12. ckroto

    Best off road tire for the money

    Michelin AC-10. Its a DOT tire, but works fantastic and is very durable. Fronts or rears. They never let me down yet.
  13. ckroto

    WR450 for commuting?

    I started commuting on my 07 about a week ago. Water pump seal leaking, but it was leaking before. I ride about 50-55 miles a day on a backroad at about 60mph. Sometimes faster if I'm running late. Feels great in the twisties:ride:
  14. ckroto

    Works Connection Skid Plate

    I have a flatland racing alum skidplate, and I almost always(unless going to some nasty rocky stuff) put the stocker(plastic)back on. The flatland is nice, but it is just so bulky and heavy. That works connection plate looks amazing! Quite expensive, but it looks great. Anyone want to buy a Flatland?...ha, ha:ride:
  15. ckroto

    07 WR Exhaust Ahhhh

    Been running a FMF megabomb header with the 4.1 ti can. I will be ordering the quiet insert for the can, but the power increase was great. Much more snap, just a little on the loud side. Measured a 96 at the last race, but I think the tester was quite generous. The header has some tiny dents from front tire rocks. It does not seem to hinder anything, but the ti header seems a little soft.