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  1. dsrtracr

    new engine

    Well I built supercross bikes for awile and FMF and Varner always said ride it like you always do! If its gonna break its gonna break then. that doesnt mean jump on the thing start and throwit in gear and hold it wide, warm it up like you always should then go moto
  2. dsrtracr

    pitster 125X vs. venco 125

    Well, I have an 06 pitster with about 40 hours on it and havent had any problems, but I also stipped the bike completely when I got it and assembled it with MY attention to detail, no complaints from this 235 pounder pounding one!
  3. dsrtracr

    Dirt Bike Accessories in Vegas

    Hey! Be careful using SS bolts, you need to put anti sieze on the threads. Stainless is prone to galling in some metals, so take the few extra seconds to use a little anti sieze it will stop alot of heartache in the end! I went to mcfadden dale to get mine and they had a really good selection, just dont use them in pivot points or any other critical places as previously posted!