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    Boise - where's a close place to go play...

    Down around Rabbit Creek is also a good place to ride this time of year. Eighth Street is not doable right now, but we ride there alot in the summer and fall due to proximity. We rode today (mostly KTM 2T's) and we're meeting a group of people around Murphy tomorrow at 11AM if you are interested in meeting up, shoot me an email at trentwebb@cableone.net and I'll give you directions to the spot. Good luck and congrats on the new bike.
  2. stinger96

    Eddie'e in Motorcyclist Magazine

    I have the copy but just checked quickly (wife is reading it right now and took it back) but didn't see the reference. What page is it on? Congrats Eddie!
  3. stinger96

    Keihin FCRMX--safety wire accelerator pump?

    Thanks guys. He does seem to know his stuff and has been building wrenching and building race bikes (flat-track, motocross, enduro, etc...) for 40 years. He was with a group that raced DRZ's in the desert a few years ago. He seemed like a much better option than the 19 yr-old shop monkey at a dealership (my apologies to monkeys). But in his case, with this experience comes a level of stubbornness and a low opinion of online forums. I stuck up for TT and it's high level of knowledge and some of the top DRZ experts you could ever find. It doesn't help that he says that he was selling his own MCCT for the DRZ and then TT came out with one and dropped his sales...I'm staying out of that one.
  4. I gave it the old college try in diagnosing my electrical problem with the DRZ, but finally took it in to a local mechanic who does a lot of work with dirt bikes and racing. I also had on order a a kickstart kit and I'm having the coolant leak so I just told him to do it all. I dropped by today and he had gotten the electrical squared away, but he is waiting on the new water pump seals (he poo poo'ed the RTV fix I mentioned from here...is that a bad sign?). He mentioned that when starting it up he noticed that I had the MCCT too loose so he tightened it in (I thought I put it where Eddie recommended with a slight rattling sound). I will confirm once the bike is back in my position. He also said that I was having off-idle bog, so he replaced the O-Ring I had on the accelerator pump and safetly wired it. Will this cause any problems? I would think that you want it to have some movement. Is this what a race bike would be set up for--always wide open? Thanks, Trent
  5. stinger96

    Bike died on trail today

    I checked the main fuse (it's the 20A one to the inside of the battery in the cutout area, right?) and it's ok. Ran out of time tonight, but I should be able to spend some quality time with it tomorrow. Volxport: This is a great place to live for dirt biking! We've been here almost 2yrs after moving from Atlanta, where we had to trailer 45min to an OHV park or ride mostly gravel FS roads with a few ATV trails. Here we can be on dirt in 1.5 miles and ride all the way to Canada or Montana with hardly touching pavement... Thanks again for everyone's suggestions. I'll do my part tomorrow.
  6. stinger96

    Bike died on trail today

    Eddie, The bike turned over a few times after the fall and then just went dead. We did hook up my battery cables to my bike to my buddy's KLX450 and we got no power. Thanks, Trent
  7. stinger96

    Bike died on trail today

    Mike, We went up 8th street and rode 4 & 6, went over and did a loop to Robie Creek and back on the upper and lower Humpty-Dumpty trails, and then went up Boise Ridge Rd and did Trail #155 (Daggett Creek), which is where the problem happened about 1/2 the way through. The bike ran strong after a bump start. It is a S model. I will further check the wiring once I remove the tank this evening. I did look at the fuses and they were good, unless I missed one. Thanks again, Trent
  8. stinger96

    Bike died on trail today

    Thanks Brian. Do you live in Boise? We should go riding once I get the bike back up. The wheel did lock out to the left as the bike fell perpendicular to the trail off the the right. We pulled the headlight shroud off on the trail and didn't see anything unusual. I will pull the tank in the next day or so and take a good look at all the wiring.
  9. stinger96

    Bike died on trail today

    The wiring harness doesn't seem to be pinched. Any other thoughts? Eddie...?
  10. stinger96

    Bike died on trail today

    I'll check those out...thanks!
  11. stinger96

    Bike died on trail today

    Had a great ride with a few others today on some technical trails right outside of Boise until the above happened. I crashed on the right side of the bike on a sandy steep trail and when I went to restart, it turned over a few times, then died completely. The display was dead and it wouldn't turn over. We broke the bike down and checked the fuses, wiring, and battery (we hooked my cables up to my buddy's bike and it wouldn't start). We finally got it going by bump-starting it, but the display was flashing intermittantly all the way home. The engine and kill switch are working fine. The battery is 2 years old and I always keep it on a battery tender? Any thoughts on what to check? Is it a bad ground somewhere? I hate to bring it into a shop for an exploratory electrical issue. Thanks, Trent
  12. Great feedback here, thanks everyone. I have been thinking more and more about just going to a TXC 250 for the lightest feeling possible with the powerband I am most used to and converting my DRZ to dual-sport/motard duty. The '06 TE250 with lighter suspension couldn't have felt better--I can't imagine how good the TXC would be on the trails for me. I definitely want a plate and being able to fill up at a gas station would be quite the added benefit of the 4-stroke. I'll keep you posted on where I end up. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks for the input. I like the familiarity of the 4-stroke, but the rawness of the 2t keeps drawing me in...
  14. Thanks Coffee. Maybe I'll take neither and go for the TXC250! Anyways, I hope I didn't offend any fellow Husky riders by mentioning the pumpkin bike, but I was just looking for some feedback since a lot of Husky riders have extensive 2-stroke and 4-stroke experience.
  15. Another consideration: Does anyone know if there are any supermoto wheelsets that are working with the TXC line? Will the SMR wheels bolt on?