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  1. 2002 400 exc (don't let the airbox cover fool ya) Bought it beginning of Feb this year Pretty much finished, took it out for a shake down run today...
  2. Make sure the refrigerator actually cools, as this is the most expensive appliance to replace. Have the seller turn it on and cooled the day before you go look at it so that you can see for yourself it actually works. Also check the back (on the outside) of cooling unit for any signs of yellow fuzzy stuff or ammonia smell. If there is the cooling unit is toast.
  3. shopguy

    Riding with boots

    Went for a quick ride, didn't bother to put my boots on, bike crushed my foot on a bad wheelie. Stupid mistake-live and learn!
  4. shopguy

    Riding with boots

    Shoulda been wearing them. It does take some getting used to the feeling of wearing boots, but not as bad as getting used to walking with this new hardware
  5. shopguy

    Chicks dig scars

    Thanks, but you still win in the metal count! Reading your posts sounded oh so familiar except on a grander scale Still in rehab so to speak. Its only been 2 weeks since I've started walking on it with full weight again, and yes it was pretty tender the first day. Still hurts like a mother after being on it for a couple hours at a time. Got a long ways to go but at least spring is a ways off yet and I should be able to get my riding boots on by then It was easy: Just do this
  6. shopguy

    Chicks dig scars

    I added to my metal count this summer by crushing my right foot with my DRZ (stupid for not wearing my boots). My ankle had pins and a plate across my fibula already from a straight tequila night back in college. Last year I re broke the fibula and the plate held it together. Here it is now, complete with a bone graft from my hip to help fill in the broken pieces The day after it happened: A week later the swelling was so bad it blistered up: 5 days after surgery:
  7. Smashed my foot end of July, had surgery end of September to rebuild it because I was originally told it was just bruised, and was unknowingly grinding it to bits from walking on it and still riding. They took a bone graft from my hip to put in to help reposition my foot to be straight again, removed the cartilage and plated the joints to fuse them together. My surgeon told me I can put weight on the heel but not mid foot or toes, and I'm wearing an aircast. It's been almost 6 weeks and I don't go see him for another 4 when I'll find out what's next as far as therapy etc. In the mean time, I'm wondering what kind of exercises I can do to keep some mobility in my foot? I can barely curl my toes at all, my ankle is really stiff and my calf and lower leg are shrivelling up. I'm concerned about disturbing the plates/joint if I move it around too much, but don't want everything to seize up either. Any feed back is appreciated!
  8. shopguy

    Ballistic Failure

    I installed the Ballistic in my bike in January, replaced it with a Phantom Adventure Power yesterday after the Ballistic failed to keep a charge even when disconnected from the bike - it would lose voltage just sitting on the bench. I too checked the entire charging system from top to bottom before ruling out the battery and everything is fine on the bike.
  9. So after four days of frustration and swearing, I finally got the beast to fire up again today! Thanks to this forum and a couple others on the net I was able to figure out the issue. I would like to share it with you guys in hopes it will save somebody else some grief. I hadn't fully submerged the bike but somehow water made its way into the cylinder, I'm guessing through the exhaust when the bike stalled and wouldn't restart and I rocked it side to side to get it unstuck. Muffler was soaked and header pipe had water in it. Long story short: checking compression by feeling the puff coming out the plug hole IS NOT accurate! I was misled by that and chased every other option (checked spark, cleaned carb three times, even checked timing) before doing an actual compression test. I was then convinced I had severely damaged the engine My first reading was 60 psi - over half of what it should be. So thinking I was looking at a rebuild anyway I thought I would pour oil into the cylinder and see how much it would affect the reading. It jumped to 180 and on the third test it had come back down to 130. So I put the plug back in and cranked it over until it started to catch, then eventually it took off. It smoked for a bit then ran fine. I ran three changes of oil through it in the shop then took it out for a rip and it runs just as good as before. I'm thinking the water cooled the rings too quickly and caused them to shrink enough to affect compression and the oil helped seal long enough for the heat of the engine to re expand and seat the rings? Avoiding deep water for a while...
  10. shopguy

    KLR not a good choice for mud.

    Not fun at all. I thought I was going to have an aneurysm pulling on that thing. I was up to my knees in muck, my boots were getting sucked in, and I was pissed off for being so stupid going in there to start with. Plus I was only out for a "quick spin" so I wasn't real prepared for this. At least I had my cell phone with me to call home and let the wife know I was going to be a little late
  11. Here is what not to do with a KLR. I got a little brave (stupid?) on the weekend, and thought I could make it. I should have stayed up on the grassy part Took quite a lot of heaving by myself, until I finally gave up and walked for help and found a local to help me out. These big pigs are HEAVY especially when sucked into the muck.
  12. shopguy

    Riding In Alberta, Partners May long WK

    Hey I'm from Ded Reer, but can't make it out riding on the May long, though I'm always interested in meeting new dual sport riders. Let me know how the weekend goes, maybe we can get together for another time
  13. shopguy

    Fifth wheel or trailer

    I hope you enjoy it! I am a big Jayco fan, PDI's are a breeze, usually very few warranty issues, and lots of value for your dollar. Yikes, starting to sound like a salesman.
  14. shopguy

    Holidays in Canada

    You can't go wrong with riding pretty much anywhere in Canada! Sorry I can't be more specific, but you should check out this club: http://www.albertadualsport.com/ or go to here http://www.albertadualsport.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=Sections&file=index Good Luck and hope you enjoy our beautiful county eh!
  15. shopguy

    Fifth wheel or trailer

    Personally I prefer the trailer, just because my personal preference is being able to stand anywhere in the unit, unlike a fifth wheel where you have to crawl into the top bed area. (Unless you have a monster of a fifth wheel where you can walk standing up in the upper area, but now we are talking wind drag because of higher roof line). Also for the storage area in the bed of the truck which is freed up when you pull a trailer. As long as it aint a tent trailer, you can't go wrong