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  1. snnave

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    Where you located? Not even sure if the G&S track is ridable right now. Too much rain. That track does not handle water well.
  2. snnave

    To Rekluse or not to rekluse

    Just got the Z start pro installed. Is it normal to have no slack on the clutch lever at idle? The slack goes away when throttle is applied. i know the instructions tell you to set the clutch lever free play at .5" with 1/2 throttle. So is it suppose to have no tension when the throttle is not applied. It feels like pure return spring with no throttle. works great! I putted around the lawn like on a trial bike. First time I have ever seen rad fluid come out of the overflow.
  3. snnave

    gas leaking before starting - please help ?

    it is hard to take the bowl off of the 07 while on the bike. It is easier if you replace the phillips with an allen head. Easy to strip while the carb is partially tilted and touching the frame.
  4. snnave

    Anything wrong with the '07 CRF250Rs?

    I love mine. Did not care that I had to rebuild the head at 40 hrs. Initial problems tend be with jetting. My dang bike wouldn't even run off of the show room floor. Had to get a JD jet kit and a Boyeson quickshot 3 (adjustable leak jet).
  5. snnave

    High compression jetting

    I have a JD jetting kit in my 07 R. Just rebuilt the motor and installed a WISECO +.5 high compression. I think it makes a 13.4:1. Are there typically any jetting changes that usually need to be made due to the higher compression?
  6. snnave

    To Rekluse or not to rekluse

    I just bought the Z start pro. Shipping it out overnight to go riding on Wednesday. The EXP appears to be back ordered at the places I have looked. Cannot see paying 800 for the core exp setup. I am just a weekend rider, and typically run on MX tracks. I wish I had this setup 2 weeks ago. Went to an open ride at Log Road in Michigan. The track rutted up very fast and I could only do three laps from a clapped out left clutch arm. I could not move my fingers. At one point I dropped my bike and I did everything I could to dig into the sand to pull the clutch lever. It wore the crap out of me. I could barely hold in the clutch. I hope these things work as good as they say. I will not be telling my son about this. He will want one on his KX65.
  7. snnave

    To Rekluse or not to rekluse

    Which clutch do you use? I was looking at the EXP or the Core EXP. What do you do if the friction material wears on the EXP? Do you have to buy another 400 dollar clutch?
  8. snnave

    Priming the oil pump?

    Thanks, i kicked the bike over without the filter on the oil came out of the hole, so I installed the filter and it appears to bood as new.
  9. snnave

    Leasons Learned - Eng rebuild

    The bike is back together. Wow, what a difference. Between the high comp piston, Racer ER head Mod, and loud mouth intake, the thing has a deep 450 tone to it. It is harder to kick, now that it has compression. The 22 mm offset clamp and damper make a huge difference on this 07. the damper makes it feel like it pulls the bars to the center. of coarse I havn't had time to take it to the track. Still putting aroung the yard and heat cycling the motor. The titanium megabomb header glows cherry red. Now hoefulyl that POS athena center case gasket holds up and does not leak. This bike is making me nervious, it feels new again with motor work, Race Tech valves front and rear, IMS Pro Series Pegs, 2008 Protaper clamps, 2008 damper with MX Bonz mount kit. now it is time to adjust the sag and clickers. The suspension seems alot stiffer, since I am a fat VET rider. One of these days my kid will be faster than me, but not on the 65.
  10. snnave

    Priming the oil pump?

    Just did a full rebuild on the 07 R with hot rod crank, bearings, seals, Wiseco 13.5:1, and Fast Heads copper seat mod on the head. i was unaware of the vaseline that should have been placed on the oil pump during case assy. What is the best way to ensure I have oil flow or pressure? Should I turn the motor over with a drill at the timing (clutch side) alignment hole and then verify if oil is in the filter? Just start it and check the filter? Or use a brake bleeder and attempt to draw the oil up to the filter? I have a stainless filter. Should I switch back to paper? i do not want to blow this motor. i have already had problems with Athena gaskets that I purchased. The dang thing leaked coolant and I had to tear it down. No collant on the crank. It appears still still be covered in oil. Please help, this is my first 4 stroke rebuild.
  11. snnave

    Leasons Learned - Eng rebuild

    Well, it was the Fricken gaskets. The Athena kit came with two head gaskets (a two ply and a three ply). I contacted ATHENA USA and they were unaware of which gasket to use. They had to make a call to Spain to tell me that I should have used the three ply head gasket. OF coarse I already at it assembled. Why in the frick would they have that two ply in the kit:foul:
  12. There is nothing like doing a full engine rebuild and the F'ing thing leaks coolant:bonk: My two leasons learned 1. ALWAYS BUY OEM GASKETS. 2. Fill your coolant after head is torqued and not when the bike is fully built and ready to start. Check for leaks early. I am blaming my problem on the ATHENA gaskets. Sealing surfaces where clean and head was torqued to 29 ft-lbs. Fully assemled the bike and then filled the rad. Then before I know it, coolant came out of the base and head. Boy did I get a in the
  13. snnave

    CRF damper picture

    How do you figure swapping out a frame is less work?
  14. snnave

    CRF damper picture

    +If it is like the 250. It comes with a new mount that has to be riveted to the chassis behind the rad under the plastic.
  15. snnave

    CRF damper picture

    The two screws that mount the damper and an 08 number plate if you are using 08 oem or aftermarket clamps.