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  1. snowboardstylee

    Fmf 4.1 Slip on

    I have a 04 YZ450 and put the Titanium 4.1 factory FMF slip on and mid pipe still running stock head pipe(cant afford megabomb) and it really really really opened my bike up a lot more power went up 2 sizes on the main jet, and got a air fule mixture screw thats adjustable, the nice thing is that the end cap is removable and you can put the SA screen in there for those pesky rangers. (here in california) but really love this exhaust. and it looks sexy. sounds insane. good luck
  2. snowboardstylee

    04 YZ450 need help needle valve

    is the needle valve that conical shapped thing that is connected to the float in the middle that goes up into that small round housing ? or is that something else?
  3. snowboardstylee

    04 yz450 need help needle valve

    william, which one is the float needle, is that the one thats in the middle of the float that is conical shaped that goes into that little round housing,
  4. snowboardstylee

    bike leaking gas

    Hey guys,, i have the same problem today, havent started my bike in months and turned petcock on and gas was leaking from that, changed oring that fixed that now gas is pouring out the bottom bowl vent hose, im assuming float stuck not shutting off gas flow, which is the needle valve, how do i access it, do i need to take the bottom of the carb off, and or anything else. spray some carb cleaner up in there, im assuming dirt is settled in there and keeping the float open.. cant find a diagram online to see where the needle valve is. would love some help [please]
  5. Hello, need help guys , thknk my needle valve is sticking my float open , havent rode my bike in a while. got it out today and as soon as i turn on the gas valve(petcoc) gas starrts pouring out vent hose at bottom of float boal. my only idea is that the float is stuck and not shutting off the fuel flow, possible the needle valve .. anyone have any suggestions or know where or which is the needle valve. possibly dirty or sticky and needs cleaned. help someone .. thanks
  6. snowboardstylee

    04 YZ450 need help needle valve

    Hello, ok so i havent rode my bike in a while. and went to start it up today and ride it a bit , now as soon as i turn on the gas valve(petcock) gas starts pouring out the drain hose at the bottom of the float bowl(sucks) so im thinking maybe the needle jet is clogged or soemthing and is sticking the float or someting anyone want to help me with a suggestion or where the needle valve is or just some good ol help or suggestion would be wonderful its sat. and well not many places are open. thanks
  7. where do i go to vote cause auburnu008's YZ250 is SICK you realy hooked that bike up man look ssoo good.. (debating on what i want to do with my 2009 yz450 i have on order. but that snow camo looks amazing.
  8. snowboardstylee

    Riding close to Santa Clarita Valley

    what about rowher flats off boquet canyon ? some good mtn trails I havent rode there in a while, hell i havent rode anywhere in a while.
  9. snowboardstylee

    Rowher flats/ DWF round 2 Sunday April 8 th

    I woudl be up for this one if i dont go out to cal city. will check later in the week. any word on weather for next weekend?
  10. snowboardstylee

    I got a ticket at carnegie

    Leave it to a cop to give you MISINFORMATION
  11. snowboardstylee

    Slip on for a 04 YZ450F

    there are always posts on craigslist for slip on pro circuit pipes I myself like the white brothers or the FMF TI-4 or Factory 4 here is a pic of my 04 450 with the FMF TI 4 http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a138/jbroswell/DSCN0727.jpg The thing i like is you can buy the optional end cap that has teh SA screen in it and then switch to the open end cap that comes with it when you rnot in BLM or forrest area.
  12. snowboardstylee

    Barstow Poker Run, Yes it's that Time again

    Toys for Tots Annual Poker run in Barstow Best 12 hands win prizes good food good fun good times I went last year for first time and it was a lot of fun, Great people, lots of fun very good ride very planned out route. one for bikes and quads , one for OHV's Got a little dusty at times all the quads but thats expected. I just got the flyer in the mail yesterday APRIL 28TH AND 29TH HTTP://BARSTOWPOKERRUN.COM 2 loops 25 miles each Dinner Sat at Slash-X 13 bucks all you can eat BBQ Just thought i would pass it along since its for a good charity
  13. snowboardstylee

    Son's bike stolen!!!!!

    Lock your bike.. <br> I have a big U shape kryptonite lock that locks my rear tire to the bike stand my bike sits on . and the front tire locked to the ramp. going to be hard to push this bike away Sorry about your loss. And you should check wiht your Home owners insurance . it might be covered since it was removed from the garage. It's no different then having a bicycle stolen. I did see some frined of a friend of a friend post a add for a bran new CRF50 for sale on myspace but its all tricked out so i doubut its yours. but might make a good replacement if insurance kicks in. http://bulletin.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=bulletin.read&messageID=3115369181&MyToken=f542ab10-320b-4d43-ade8-e6e8024ab3a8
  14. snowboardstylee

    RANDSBURG easter weekend!!!

    Do you have the GPS coordinants.
  15. snowboardstylee

    RANDSBURG easter weekend!!!

    I wanna go i wanna go.. you guys camping out over the weekend.. in cal city or randsburg?