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  1. valval

    Never wear green when racing!

    slacker by tech n9ne
  2. this is my first time taking off graphics is it just simply ripping them off and using lacker thinner to get off the adhesive
  3. valval

    Street legalize my CRF50?

    go to thumpertalk.com and scroll down to their dual sport section and they have a section on getting it street legal. i got my 50 street legal but it was a hassle and some dmvs wont do it. it is kind of a hit and miss thing.i put a baja designs kit which makes the lighting expensive but the kit is a cinch to put on. technically dont need it but i put on a garmin foretrex 101 gps for a speedometer and used the wrist strap to secure it to the hanlebar crossbar. good luck.
  4. valval

    klx110 oil capacity

    manual states 1.0 quart when filter is not removed, 1.1 quart when filter is removed.
  5. valval

    KLX 110 suspension changes

    tweyman, did you try the 30cc oil mod yet? to get the metal plate off push down on it with a socket extension which will cause the metal plate to depress a little bit and then you carefully get the retaining ring out.
  6. valval

    BBR 82 kit

    i have the 82cc bbr kit and i run the stock carb.i did put the next size up jet(65 vs 62? } but i couldnt really tell any performance difference with the bigger jet.
  7. yes i'm pretty sure it won't be green stickered but i was just wondering if any of u knew because my dad said he would buy me the exper if it is green.
  8. valval

    please read need help

    thank you guys and dont think im a retard because im using my dads account oh and its hella hard to get the metal rings out
  9. valval

    please read need help

    i did im returning it. oh i was wondering if i have to take those metal ring that stay on the plastics hole and put them on the new plastic or they are not really needed
  10. i just bought a new rear plastic from motosport but it is made by acerbis anyway i read on the lable and it says fits yz 125 04-05:foul: and i have a 2002 yz 125 sooooooo i go to my recipet and it says 2002 yz 125 rear fender to make sure i didnt order the wrong thing so im pissed at motorsport DOES ANYONE KNOW IF IT WILL FIT ANYWAYS I DONT THINK IT WILL BECAUSE ONES A LITTLE LONGER
  11. i had the forms filled out but when the dmv inspected the bike they said it needs a on-highway emissions legal sticker and they also said i needed a speedometer. is there a ca. law that states 1978 or newer less than 50cc can be dual registered without the requirement for the on hiway emissions sticker?
  12. went to the dmv today with my 06crf50 with lighting kit signed off by dealer. got shot down they said my bike needed a speedo and highway emissions. do i need a speedo in california and couldnt i register it because it is 49.6 cc in the owners manual and squeak thru that way. any advice would be appreciated.under 50 cc doesnt need hiway emissions sticker ,correct?