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  1. kojack

    92 DR350 carb. problem

    Also, make sure that the petcock is not in the "prim" position. This is a gravity feed position and will free flow fuel. Always make sure it's in "on". Also, pull the needle seat out and check the o-ring around the seat. If it's dry rotted or cracked, this can be the cause also. Mike
  2. kojack

    IMS leak

    This is service right here! I have to say that I have had an IMS on my 350 for 3 years and after several hard crashes and many miles, it's still perfect with no leaks. They make a good product and by IMS MIKE's response, will stand behind it. Mike
  3. Davos, Good to hear you are getting the DR back on the road. There is a site that has a section specifically for the DR and IMHO, is the best DR resource anywhere. Not saying that there are not good DR owners here, it's just there are TONS of knowledge and DR specific help there. It's what the site was intended for. Register at www.maximum-suzuki.com Good Luck. Mike
  4. kojack

    1992 DR350 starting problem

    I'll try to make this as easy to understand as possible. Before you turn the key on, turn the petcock to on and pull the choke out. Hold the compression release down about 1/2 way and kick the bike over about 10 times. Turn the key on, pull the decomp release one more time and slowly kick through till the release kicks back out. Return to the top of the stroke and kick on through. If you bike is properly jetted, it should start up on the first or second true kick. If you have not done so, do the "t-vent mod" also. Good luck. Mike
  5. kojack

    1992 DR350 starting problem

    Make sure you don't have a vaccume leak. Check the right side of the carb, there should be a either a line that goes to the petcock if it's stock or if it's an aftermarket petcock, you can cap it off. Mike
  6. kojack

    dr350 suspension settings

    It's supposed to be a perload adjuster but it's really isn't much of one. When you screw it in, it compresses the spring and makes it shorter and out takes all the preload off and makes the spring longerand makes the front end really bounce alot. If you are looking for ride height, try and shorten the front and make the bike really plant in the corners. Lower the fork tubes in the clamps 1/2" then crank up on the compression setting on the bottom of the fork. This will lower the front end and really make it bite good and also allow you to play with the settings and see more of a difference. Give it a shot. If you don't like it you can always raise them back up. Mike
  7. kojack

    dr350 suspension settings

    OK John, On the bottom of the forks under a black plug is the compression settings for the forks. Give those a few turns either way and see how that works. Keep a pen and paper handy so you can take notes on how the different settings react. The large screw on the top is for all intensive purposes the "preload". Really though, all that does is compress the spring if you turn it in or the opposite. All it really does is change the ride height of the front. Just FYI, you may want to pull the large nut at the top of the fork and check the amount of fork oil. This sounds strange but the DR's have a tendency to run a little shy of the recommended amount of oil in the forks. On the rear shok is a resevoir. That is the compression setting. If you have a dirt model shock, on the right bottom of the shock is a screw that adjusts the rebound. As far as the jetting, if you hae not already done so, go up a size on the main. IMHO, I would do the airbox mod and put in a 140. It's not hard and while you are there, do the t-vent mod also. If you don't know what that is, just ask and I can lead you through it. Good luck and let us know if you need any other help. Mike
  8. kojack

    Finally got some pics my new old dual sport

    That has got to be one of the cleanest, unmolested '91's I have ever seen. Mine used to look like that until I stripped all the decals, painted the frame and changed all the plastics including the fenders. Keep it original Ryan. There are not many like that left. Mike
  9. kojack

    dual sport tires

    I am with everyone here by saying some will defend the choice to the death. I can tell you what works for me and others can give you their take. I use a Kenda K-760 Trakmaster on the rear and Pirelli MT44 on the front. The Kenda hooks up great on and off road and lasts a long time. The Pirelli made my bike an entire different bike all together. It handles extremely well and feels very planted in all conditions. Even street from trail to trail. Again, this is what I run and may not work for anyone else. DISCLOSURE If you try and don't like it, I will not refund your money. Mike
  10. kojack

    Got a speeding ticket in NC and ????

    Show up in court. There will be a person there from the DA's office out in the hallway reducing and even throwing out some of the tickets. Be nice and respectful to this person and there is a good chance of paying court costs and nothing else. All they really want is your money anyway. Mike
  11. kojack

    Spring Fling/Whos riding?

    No doubt! It is my favorite also. Mike
  12. kojack

    Spring Fling/Whos riding?

    Goose. A riding friend of mine took a guy in there last year who was not legal. Blaine tried to warn him but he didn't listen and wanted to go anyway. Long stroy short, they round a turn and come face to face with the warden. 2 hours later and $200 less in his pocket, they come out. He ticketed the guy on the spot, made Blaine go get the vehicle and bring it to where they were and go out that way. He wouldn't let the guy ride back out. Not telling anyone what to do but if it were me, I wouldn't try it without being legal. It was probably a fluke running into him but he did never the less and was handed the fine. Warden said he could have taken the bike but he told them he didn't have a way to haul it out. Mike
  13. kojack

    brown mnt./weyahuuta ?

    Kelly, Don't give the riding area away to too many people. Make them work for it. Mike
  14. kojack

    Brown Mountain Open?

    He went on Sunday the 1st. According to him, they basically "ruined" trail 1. I agree that there will be a ton of collisions on that trail now. I just don't see the reasoning behind plowing a perfectly good trail. Just don't make sense. Mike
  15. kojack

    Brown Mountain Open?

    I wasn't able to go but the guy I work for went and said that there were only about 15 cars/trucks in the parking area. Only saw 3 on the trail the whole day. He also said that they removed all the great boulders and rocks from trail 1. Looked like someone ran a bulldozer through it and cleared it and made nothing but a bunch of whoops. Too bad. They were fun. I haven't seen it yet but can't wait to go. Mike