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    XR200 Odometer

    Al, I put the Baja one on my WR 250F that I dual sported and it is about 2" in diameter and has a 160MPH ! speedo with a non-resettable odo and a trip odo. I think it will work on the XR as I think I remember them telling me it would work on a bunch of different bikes - the odo drives must turn the cable with the same gear ratio from bike to bike if I remember right - I didn't have to buy one specific to my Yamaha -it was the generic one in their catalog and I just used the stock odo cable and odo mount bracket and it actually is pretty accurate.
  2. PAendurorider

    XR200 Odometer

    Al, Thank you. I don't own an XR 200 yet, and I didn't check out the odo drive mechanism when I looked at one so I wasn't sure how it worked. The bike I am looking at is a 1990, so it will be O.K. for cable length. I am contemplating buying it to use as a "work bike" when laying out my club's enduro and to just play around with. (maybe even putting in a 200s ATV motor with automatic clutch so I wouldn't need to find nuetral everytime I put up an arrow. I need to make it street legal to lay out the enduro and one of PA's requirements is a speedo/non resetable odo. Baja makes one that runs off a regular odo drive cable and I was trying to figure out if it would work.
  3. PAendurorider

    XR200 Odometer

    It looks like the XR200 quit having an odometer in 1989 or 1990. Is it possible to put an odometer drive and odometer off an older pre1990 model onto the newer ones?