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  1. manofthewoods

    xr250 owners handbook

    Is it possible to convert the digital kph speedo on my imported 2003 xr250 to an mph reading? Unfortunately, all my instruction are in japanese, so they're about as much use as a chocolate teapot! Also, has anyone out there got the users handbook in english that they could sell or please copy for a fee?
  2. manofthewoods

    new to xr's

    Many thanks for the responses chaps. The carb came off again, looked spotless, was cleaned, blown and put back. Guess what........ its now fine. Went on a run to check for sure. It absolutely peed down with rain for 40 miles. Emptied a full tank of fuel. Not a single stutter. Top job!!! Nothing obvious was found but my guess is something getting sucked into the primary jet?? Will now have a look at the carb mods as suggested. Again, thanks.
  3. manofthewoods

    new to xr's

    My apologies if this is the wrong forum but I'm a bit new to this business. I've bought a '03 Xr250. Its a Jap import into the UK. No miles (kms) on the clock. Unfortunately I bust my leg big time and didn't ride for about a year. Having ridden it now for a few miles it feels fine with the exception that when I'm trundling down the road at say a constant 60mph, the xr occasionally feels like someone is turning the fuel off. A quick twist of the throttle and all fine. It accelerates fine. Around town and up and down the gearbox it runs sweet but on the open road at a constant throttle it just feels that the fuel is being starved. I've cleaned the carb and it was clear. I've changed fuel with no difference. Are the new XR's tuned like this, or is a problem with the bike? Has anyone had the same problem and are there any ideas as to what the problem might be or any fix's.