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    Save Johnson Valley - Petition at Whitehouse.gov

    Bump. Signed, Signature # 8,475

    Gasoline in Los Angeles

    FYI - The 76 in Norco is closed so no luck on the 100 octane anymore around there.

    400S Clutch Cable replacement

    Thanks. I ordered the motion pro.

    400S Clutch Cable replacement

    Boy do I feel lucky. I did a 285 mile unsupported ride from Barstow to Laughlin and back using the Mojave trail. On the way back with 100 miles to go I couldn’t get my bike to shift into neutral with the bike running. Luckily I made it back without using neutral. This morning I go out to start investigating my problem and what do i find? That’s right my clutch cable is broke and has 2 strands holding it together. Man that would have left me screwed out in the middle of now where if it broke. Anyway on to my question. I see alot of replacement cables from Motion Pro, Tusk, Barnett, Braided, OEM. Is one better than the other? Does it matter? I am looking at the motion pro one for 18 bucks.

    Any good shops in Riverside?

    There is Corona Motorsports in Corona off the 91 freeway and Maple. I don't use their service dept because they kind of suck but the parts guys are pretty cool. I get 99% of my stuff online now and only use them in a pinch.

    Old member, need new tips on tire install

    This is the key. If you dont have tire lube you can spray some windex around the beads to help it seat.

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Got her all put back together after a few mods. I should be good to go for a while. Rebuilt Suspension by Race Tech New Steering bearings and races Greased swingarm and all other bearings New chain and sprockets 14/44 Free Power Mod Clutch and Kickstand switch bypassed New seat concepts seat New nomadic Rack Oil and filter Cleaned and added dielectric grease to all connections From this To this

    Extra parts help - Rear shock

    Thanks. They are used and it looks like new ones were installed on the top mount. Is it normal to have a little play in the shock with the bike still up on the lift? The play is side to side not up and down and it is not that much play.

    Extra parts help - Rear shock

    I took my forks and shock to Race Tech for a rebuild and when I picked them up today the girl at the front handed me two rubber washers with my shock. I dont remember taking these off and I thought maybe they were parts that got changed. When I re-installed my shock it was loose. I can wiggle it back and forth. Anyone have an idea where these two parts need to go? I dont see them in the manual.

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Stripped down to fix Steering bearings and send the shock and forks to Race Tech 6000 miles on new to me DRZ. Probably never touched The bearings cleaned up ok but the race in the frame has small grooves and needs to be replaced

    How far & where did you ride today.

    200 miles in Joshua Tree on January 1st and 100 miles in Ocotillo Wells on January 2nd. A pretty good start to the year Joshua Tree Ocotillo Wells Old Bombing Range near Plaster City My 10 year old boy is going to outride me soon

    Iridium spark plug

    I have a few thousand miles on my DRZ and my wifes KLX 250 with Iridiums and havent had a problem. I also have 48,000 miles on my Street bike 2008 FJR 1300 and have been running Iridiums on that bike since 500 miles.

    Saddleback Mountain/Maple Springs

  14. Part two: Saturday morning 6am we departed San Felipe to head back to Ocotillo. First stop was after 70 miles of slab and one of the military checkpoints This was a surprise find. There was a steep dirt road that we decided to check out and it ended up being a really cool stop Playing in Sand Dunes You can’t go to Mexico and not have tacos. Here we stopped at a busy stand in Mexicali and had some of the best tacos ever Always good to be back home Overall it was a great ride. I can’t wait to explore more of Mexico. We are already planning the next big ride and I think Death Valley is calling our names.
  15. My father in law has a house in Baja that we have been going to for years. We have always wanted to ride there but never had the right bikes or knowledge to pull it off. After a few months of planning we were able to finally make it happen. Wednesday night we parked the toy hauler at a friend’s property in Ocotill Wells so we could get an early start. 530 came quick and we are ready for departure. The first 30 miles were all dirt and we hit the pavement in Plaster city 30 miles of slab and we are in Calexico filling up before crossing the border About 20 miles of slab thru Mexicali and we arrive at Laguna Salada The salada is basically a dry lake bed that is pretty smooth. We were able to kick it up a notch on this section and didn’t stop for to many pictures. That is of course until we crossed the Baja 1000 course from last week at Race Mile 145 We stayed on the course until Race Mile 160. That was enough ass kicking whoops to last me a lifetime. Here we are at the end of the Salada getting ready to run some slab to San Felipe. My beautiful wife with me in the background putting air in the tires About 15 miles out of town is where I notice I have a front flat. I pump it back up and move on. The Arches A few miles up the road I find a place with fix a flat. I only have 30 miles to the Casa and this got me there. I changed the tube the next morning which had a small thorn We ended up arriving at 3 just in time for Thanksgiving Dinner. 252 miles in 9 hours. Thankfully Friday was rest and relaxation day.