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  1. 99ktm620

    Miami Creek

    We didn't get that much snow during that last storm.I would think most would be melted by now.But it has been real cooled.
  2. 99ktm620

    prayer needed

    Friday June 9 2006 at 12:30 in the after noon.I lost both my grandkids in a car wreak on hwy 41 north of Fresno.the youngest was 2 and the oldest was 7. the 7 year old was also my riding buddy.
  3. 99ktm620

    Riding spots ....

    RED STICKER FROM NOV1-MAY31. I haven't seen to many rangers up there it's a hit and miss type deal.
  4. 99ktm620

    Riding spots ....

    miami trails above oakhurts,not bad riding there.
  5. I used the tt store a couple of weeks ago.got my parts quick.they did a great job.
  6. 99ktm620

    Husaberg Hmmmm {Big Bob}

    I like big orange tractors
  7. 99ktm620

    Day Ride Sunday 1/22 Near fresno

    I was at Miami trails last week end and there was a lot of snow.
  8. mine wasn't making any noise. found it when changing oil.a piece of the bearing cage was stuck to the drain plug.
  9. I just checked mine. And found the bearing cage comming apart.