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  1. gene727

    350 EXC vs 500 EXC

    Great points! I am not going crazy with mine but without an option to re-map I don't have a lot of options. The option that I will likely use the most is the ability to adjust the Accelerator Pump fuel flow, thus controlling the "hit". Thanks again for the feedback. I only posted this to try and give back for all the help I have gotten from this site over the years!
  2. gene727

    350 EXC vs 500 EXC

    I would go with the 500EXC. In fact I did just that. I now have over 500 miles on the bike, about 400 in the Southern California desert and 100 in the tight woods here in the Pacific Northwest. I made two modifications that made the bike perfect for my use. Gearing Change: The stock gearing of 15/45 was way too high, even on the pavement. I first changed to a 14/48 and went for a couple of rides. That was still too high for my use (mostly single track woods riding). I then switched to a 13/48 which was much better. I took my bike to the Southern California desert and it was great there with this gearing! Upon returning to Western Washington and the tight trails here, I have now settled on a 13/50 configuration. None of these required a new chain. Added a JDJetting Power Surge 6X Tuner: The Dyno shows a 6HP improvement on the 500EXC. More horsepower is always great when sitting around bragging to your buddies but lots of times higher mileage or a softer power delivery is more important. Or maybe you want an even stronger hit or you could be looking to soften up the torque just a bit. Well what I have discovered is that in under a minute I can “tune” my engine characteristics from an Ideal setting, to Mild, or even to Wild setting. It is not quite as easy as the switch on the handlebars but that switch is available to those of us owning EXCs. On the plus side you can “tune” the bike into a virtually limitless number of configurations due to the 16 steps available for all 6 modes. I am still playing with the various configurations and with a plan of keeping an index card in my tool pack for 3 or 4 configurations for quick changes. Right now I am thinking of a softer hit for the tight technical trails (Mild), a hard hit for racing applications (Wild), the recommended settings for daily riding (Ideal), and a setting to bring the bike back to stock (Stock). So why chose a 350 when you can dial a 500 in for whatever type of riding you are doing?
  3. The Northwest Motorcycle Association (NMA) has just released its new website. Check it out at www.nmaoffroad.org. Some new stuff includes: A “Rides and Reports” section A “Places to Ride” section with Washington, Idaho, Oregon, British Columbia, and a some “Other areas” A current NMA calendar for all scheduled events A NMA friends section that includes: - Not-for-Profit links (including ThumperTalk of course) - NMA Clubs - NMA Sponsors (includes businesses offering NMA members’ discounts!) Over the next few weeks more will be added including a NMA store where you will be able to purchase NMA apparel. So check it out and let us know what you like, don’t like, and would like to see added. Enjoy! Gene Jackson NMA Treasurer (and part time web guy)
  4. gene727

    Mattawa poker run

    Yes it is definitely on! The Fringe MC folks are actually having 4 separate dates for Poker Runs this year, March 26, March 27, October 15, & October 16. You can get more information on these Poker Runs plus 8 more on the NMA calendar at http://www.nmaoffroad.org/eventcalendarup.shtml Hope this helps, Gene Jackson
  5. gene727

    2010 NMA Poker Run Series Update

    Thomas I had a poor choice of words above. Based upon the above you were obviously there and we (the NMA board) appreciate your support of our organization. However we feel that to be fair to all we must strictly adhere to the rules published for the grand prize drawing. The basic rules are: 1) you must be a NMA member, 2) you must sign in at a qualifying event, and 3) you must be present at the year end event. I am sorry that we will not be able to add you to the grand prize drawing. However, please come out to the NMA BBQ and spend some time with other riders like yourself. We will be raffling off several hundred dollars worth of stuff to NMA members that are present. Don't forget to "sign in" when you get there! Thanks again for your support of the NMA.
  6. gene727

    2010 NMA Poker Run Series Update

    Unfortunately no. Since there is no way for us to verify who attended which events (other than the sign in sheets) we can only allow those who signed in to be included in the drawing. However if you come out you can be part of the raffle for the other prizes. Plus you can get free food!
  7. The committee reviewing the 2010 NMA Poker Run Series records has completed their work. A comprehensive list of those that have qualified for the grand prize drawing can be found at NMA 2010 Poker Run Series. Even if you did not qualify for the grand prize drawing, please come out and join us on December 4th at Lynnwood Motoplex. The NMA board will be hosting a member and sponsor appreciation BBQ with free hamburgers and hot dogs for all NMA members. The event will being at 11:30AM and will include a free raffle ticket drawing for all NMA members in attendance. Items to be raffled off include Lynnwood Motoplex gift certificates and other prizes. The winner of the 2010 NMA Poker Run Series grand prize, a KTM 450XCF, will also be drawn during this event. So come on out and enjoy the day with us at Lynnwood Motoplex. Gene Jackson NMA Treasurer & Review Committee Member
  8. gene727

    Last Chance Poker Run, Nov 6th

    Seems to be working now. Not sure what was going on earlier.
  9. gene727

    NMA Members Trail Ride

    Yes the riding area is a public venue and open to anyone. However you may want to stop by and check out the event. The NMA does a lot of great stuff especially in the area of fighting to keep public trails open. Membership is only $30 and it includes a subscription to Trail Rider Magazine. With over 100 miles of arrowed trails 80 riders should not be a problem. There are no set departure times and people can ride at whatever pace they like. Plus there is a nice BBQ Saturday afternoon. Hope to see you there but regardless have fun and be safe riding! GENE
  10. gene727

    NMA Members Trail Ride

    We currently have 80 riders signed up for Saturday and around 70 for Sunday. There is still room for more so come on out and join us. If you are not a NMA member you can join either morning before the ride! ($30 for individual annual membership) Here are the details: Cascade Family Motorcycle Club Presents NMA Members Trail Ride Taneum Junction July 24 – 25, 2010 Come join the fun! Enjoy Mountain Trail Riding in the Wenatchee National Forest. You Must be a NMA Member to participate. NMA membership is available at event. Rider Limit: 200 Riders Maximum ORV Requirements: Motorcycles ONLY Must have USFS approved Spark Arrestor Must pass sound test of less than 97 DB Northwest Forest Pass REQUIRED. Annual passes are available at North Bend Chevron Station for $30. I-90 Exit 31 (by McDonalds) Day pass available at Taneum Junction for $5. Sound Testing performed by Cle Elum Ranger District. Thanks Mikki and Crew! Itinerary: Saturday July 24, 2010 Sign up: 7 AM – 8:30 AM Riders Meeting: 8:30 AM First Rider Out: 9:00 AM BBQ: 4:00- 6:00 PM NMA MEETING TO FOLLOW Sunday July 25, 2010 Sign up: 7 AM – 8:30 AM Riders Meeting: 8:30 AM First Rider Out: 9:00 AM Menu: Hamburgers and Hotdogs Potato Salad Chips Baked Beans Sodas and Water Fee: Free to all NMA Members Donations gladly accepted. Directions: Heading I-90 EAST: Take Exit 93 for the Elk Heights Rd. Turn Left at Elk Heights Road. Cross I-90. Go approx 0.4 miles and Turn Right on to Thorpe Prairie Road. Go approx 3.5 miles and turn right on to West Taneum Road. Cross I-90. Stay right on the West Taneum Rd. Go approx 8.9 miles and turn left at FS RD 3300 to Taneum Junction Heading I-90 WEST: Take Exit 101 for the S Thorpe Highway. Turn LEFT onto S. Thorpe HWY. Cross I-90. Turn RIGHT on to Thorpe Cemetery Road. Go Approx. 4.7 miles. Go STRAIGHT onto West Taneum Road. Go approx 8.9 miles and turn left at FS RD 3300 to Taneum Junction A Loop is approximately 70+ miles for Expert Level Riders B Loop is approximately 30+ miles For Intermediate Level Riders C Loop is approximately 10 miles for Intermediate and Beginner Riders. 1 Mile kids loop also available ************************ Hope to see you there, Gene Jackson NMA Treasurer and CFMC member
  11. gene727

    Seattle Motorcycle Show

    I was talking to a fellow NMA board member this morning about the lack of focus on off-road motorcycles at this show. Maybe it is time for the NMA to organize an Off-Road Motorcycle Expo. We could hold it at the fairgrounds and we could have vendor displays, discussion groups on key topics (can you say NOVA theft?), raffles of dirt bike stuff, and maybe a NMA annual meeting in the evening. All we need is a consensus that there is a need for this type of event and some folks willing to help organize it. So it's kind of like the "field of dreams", if we hold an Off-Road Motorcycle Expo, will people come?
  12. gene727

    Little Bear Enduro & Enduro School

    Blindside, pictures from last year's event can be found on the Cascade Family Motorcycle Club's web site. (www.cascadefamilymc.org) Just go to the photo gallery section and look under 2006 Little Bear Enduro. For 2007 we have designed a course that has something for everyone. There are sections that the true "beginner" Enduro rider will be able to "zero" and there are sections that the "AA" guys will struggle to "zero". There are sections that will test a rider's physical ability and other sections that are designed to test a rider's mental ability. So you folks new to Enduro's come on out and enjoy a part of off road riding that has many of us "hooked"! And for you seasoned competition riders come on out and dust off those time keeping skills as you prepare for the River City Timekeeper!
  13. gene727

    Capital Forest Work party?

    Russ is there a contact number folks can use to reach you? I want to pass along the word on the work party and I would like to include a phone number for those without computer access (yes some folks still don't have home computers!). Thanks for organizing this!
  14. gene727

    Capitol Forest Work Party (Saturday)

    Thanks guys for the replies. Given that it is a holiday weekend and that one of the best Poker Runs of the year is this weekend, Dean realizes that the potential turnout for a work party this Saturday will be small. However, after last weekend's work we all realized that there are "days" worth of work still to be done. The forest really is a mess with all the downed trees. So even though the majority of CFMC riders will be riding the Shelton Poker Run this weekend, Dean is still willing to go cut trees if just a couple of folks can join him. So if you can join him please let him know. But if you can't make this Saturday (or even if you can!), mark your calendar for next weekend with the Tacoma Trail Cruisers! Unfortunately there are more than enough trees for everybody!
  15. Dean Dorestt with the Cascade Family M/C plans to lead a work party this Saturday at Capitol Forest. He lead a small group last Saturday and they got a lot done (They used over 2 gallons of gas in the chain saw!) but there is still a ton to be cleared. Dean will have a large chain saw. All types of workers are needed; folks with chain saws, folks to roll cut sections out of trail, and folks to remove limbs and branches. So if you can spare a day (or portion of a day) please come out and help. Dean will be meeting folks at 9AM at the Rock Candy parking area. This will be a drive in and walk/work party. If you can make it this Saturday please call Dean and let him know. His cell phone number is: 253-606-4811. (I am posting this for Dean since he owns 6 Enduro computers but not a single home computer!)