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  1. If i get my SM fixed by then. I will be there!!!
  2. Right on! Thanks Eric. I just got my FBF today in the mail.
  3. Hey all I have a 05 husky 450 SMR. I tightened the front axle nut but not sure exactly how tight they are supposed to be. How tight do you make it? I heard not to tighten it too tight. Thanks!
  4. Its an 05. Actually changed the oil and tried to repeat the overheating issue. Couldnt do it. It ran like a top today!
  5. Hey! No. I took my bike to the track for the first time, first time to ever ride it, and it kept overheating on me. The thing is brand new. I dunno whats going on. So, I have to take it back to the dealer on Fri. to see whats up. Hopefully nothing serious.
  6. Ive been kinda lurkin' for a bit on this site, this being my first post to make an intro. I just bought a brand new Husky SM450R. (Broken down now) Anyways, Im a n00b to this site and Supermoto. Just looking to have fun and get better. Chao!