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  1. rsv1000la

    New Socal Sm Ride!!!north Meets South

    If i get my SM fixed by then. I will be there!!!
  2. rsv1000la

    Surflex slipper clutch install notes for 450/510

    Right on! Thanks Eric. I just got my FBF today in the mail.
  3. rsv1000la

    Front Axle nut

    Hey all I have a 05 husky 450 SMR. I tightened the front axle nut but not sure exactly how tight they are supposed to be. How tight do you make it? I heard not to tighten it too tight. Thanks!
  4. rsv1000la

    hey everyone!

    Its an 05. Actually changed the oil and tried to repeat the overheating issue. Couldnt do it. It ran like a top today!
  5. rsv1000la

    hey everyone!

    Hey! No. I took my bike to the track for the first time, first time to ever ride it, and it kept overheating on me. The thing is brand new. I dunno whats going on. So, I have to take it back to the dealer on Fri. to see whats up. Hopefully nothing serious.
  6. rsv1000la

    hey everyone!

    Ive been kinda lurkin' for a bit on this site, this being my first post to make an intro. I just bought a brand new Husky SM450R. (Broken down now) Anyways, Im a n00b to this site and Supermoto. Just looking to have fun and get better. Chao!