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  1. 341, would you mind posting a few measurements. I've always wanted to make a stand similar to yours but wasn't sure how long to make all linkages.
  2. Had to raid the kitchen cupboard to make a small rack.
  3. O.K. as far as I am concerned...this in an anthem.
  4. That is why I ride. What a killer day. Your vid just got me through one more day of winter up here in Colorado. Thanks
  5. Has anyone hardwired a trail tech computer to a wr by splicing into a power source. If so which wires did you tap into? I don't want to run the wires all the way back to the battery. Thanks
  6. Yep, 2005 wr250f plated and street legal. I'm at 6500ft. Have all free mods including O-ring. Main 172, Pilot 45, Leak stock (have a 40 ordered), fuel screw out two turns, snorkel and one side panel out on the air box, full DR. D. I just got back from the Utah desert about an hour ago and still can't wipe the smile from my face. Rode at least 50 miles of beautiful, deep sand, washes with no bog in sight. Thanks again for the quick response and help.
  7. are the man. Your instructions were clear and the syringe/air purge system worked perfectly. I got everything back together and ripped off down the street without even warming the bike up and it pulled like a horse. I just bought this bike used and was starting to freak out a little bit. Now I am one happy camper. Cheers (lifting a cold one to ya)
  8. Can you explain in more detail how you cleaned the ap nozzle with the syringe and tape? I have exactly the same problem. All other jetting circuts seem to work well but when I wack the throttle the bike literally coasts to a stop if I leave the throttle open. Sure enough I checked and no squirt. Well, no squirt at first, then after repeated throttle openings a very small squirt. Poor guy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for a helpful thread.
  9. I put around 2000 miles on mine out in the desert. Long rides, way out, no park and play stuff. One bigger on the front sprocket and two smaller in the rear. No need for a different chain that way. Cruises all day at around 50mph. Plenty fast for most backcountry desert conditions. Bark busters & bash plate are good insurance as well.
  10. I purchased a used bike that had the drain bolt cranked tighter than...well, anyway it was tight. Bolt-out, vice grips, severe cursing, nothing worked. So I busted out the mig, and zapped a nut on the end of the thing. Stripped that too. Fortunately the pipe wrench on new larger stripped nut put an end to the issue. $1.75 at the auto parts store and she has a new bolt and is good to go.
  11. I am looking for real life feedback on these two bikes. I am 5'8", 140lbs. I will plate the bike (easy out here in CO) and ride very little on the street. I mainly need to connect trails. I ride most often in the Utah desert but also ride the local passes and tight single track. I like to ride fast but am basically a conservative rider. I know the bikes are very different but they are each great in their own right. (I think) The WR fits me better and the weight is not as intimidating as the KTM. I know the KTM is a superior machine but it also costs 1500 dollars more! Is it worth it? I have grown tired of my Suzuki DR-Z250 and am looking for the next level. I am affraid I will grow out of the wr250f also. Any thoughts?
  12. You should be getting just over a hundred miles (105-110) on a tank before you have to go to reserve. Have fun.
  13. I have tried running the bike with the filter cover off and it doesn't seem to run better. In the mean time I would like to try and lean it up with the fuel screw. Can you remove the brass plug? Where is it? Thanks for your help on this.