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  1. This is lol funny. The brakes work to good? Whats next they have to much horsepower?
  2. Estrus

    1977 Harley enduro

    I rode a factory Harley Motocross bike for Armando Magri way back when. It was a 2stk made by Aremachi(sp?). It had forks in back for suspension. It was truly a genuine POS. You got me thinking, I gonna see if I can find a picture.
  3. I have and have had a motorcycle for the last 35 years. Yea I'm an old f. I like to ride off road at as many places that I can and probably can kick your ass.. You son most likely have not had any restrictions put upon your 3 acre riding area. I have had my national forrest shut down because of simple minded people like yourself. Soon they will shut down your riding area and it will be because of dimwits like yourself. When you get old enough to realize that you are the result of your actions, I hope the Ritalin is not still a problem. And if your area has not had the enviro nazis , it's only a matter of time.
  4. Like I said when you get to 15.
  5. Man you are in a fantasy world. Tripling your hp?????? I hope by your 15th birthday your attitude towards being an obnoxious f changes