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  1. Here is my setup sealevel/florida 06 250x hotcam stage 1 airbox cut twin air filter/screen removed exhaust drilled 165 main 42 pilot 2 turns airscrew jd red 4th clip Without the cam it ran good with a 162 main and same needle on 5th clip. I would try one size up on the main and retest.
  2. Try camping fuel/kerosene from walmart etc. I use it all the time, works great.
  3. This is what I did: 1-Warm it up real good 2-Rode it using the full throttle range through each gear(without bogging it or hitting the rev limiter as stated above) for about the first two rides or 50 miles 3-Changed the oil 4-Let er' rip!! Hope this helps!!
  4. Honda

    check www.prm-atv.com they have a rack that bolts on and has a strap for cooler. I had one it was sweet!!