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  1. ea653

    PC Ti-4 GP exhaust

    Yes the stock pipe has more bottom,about the same top, the only place PC has a more power is mid and not much.No it's not the cone, and price $ 600 only 2 rides on it.It's really not worth the scratch man, I found that out the hard way. I'm not much of a Saleman am I.
  2. Aussie I'm with u if your after noise & less power PC is ticket.I have one on my 06 KXF 250 it looks good thats about it.. Mitch Payton laughing all the way to the bank..
  3. ea653

    PC Ti-4 GP exhaust

    I have the PC Ti 4 on the 06 and the stock pipe is alot better MORE bottom. Save your $$$$ it's not worth $65.00 I got burned just thought I'd save u some money. Shit man I'll sell you mine. But the iCAT works great.. Eric