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  1. Gazman

    TC 450 04 Starting noises.

    Thank you all. I will tilt the bike over remove the cover and check this out. It is interesting to see that I am not the only one with the strange noises.
  2. Gazman

    Did I get the only bad IMS tank?

    Hey. Had the IMS tank for 3 months and it sprung a leak underneath. I have been waiting now 41/2 months to have it resolved. Problem is I am in OZ and I am getting crap from the Australian sales rep.
  3. Hey all. Looking for some advise. I use the TC in the bush and have dropped it a couple of times going up some snotty hills. Looks like the bike is upset with me dropping it. Twice now this has happened two me on seperate occasions. when trying to start the bike after it has been dropped on it's left side I was getting weird noises when trying the electric starter after uprighting the bike. It was as if the auto decomp was stuck on. The bike had no compression and gave out weird wherring noises whilst being cranked over. The manual decomp was actuated several times with no relief to the noises. The bike would not start. I roll started the bike and all was well afterwards. Has anyone any ideas why this happens. has anyone had this problem? It has never happened before and I have had the bike from new. The auto decomp has already been replace and the bike has done 5000Km. Any info would be appreciated.
  4. Gazman

    Electric Start Woes

    Hi fellow riders. Well looks like the husky had it's last button start. All the teeth were sheard off the starter clutch. This left me with the kickstarter. What is a kick starter ? I was luckily at a track and not in the bush. The starter clutch is the gear that the starter motor directly drives. Once you have the side cover off you can see it easily. The starter clutch cost about $340 and it has 3 clutch plates and 3 sprockets all wedged side by side as a complete unit. It is there in case the bike back fires etc on starting. I did the ring around as I needed the bike up and running for the weekend. After some more investigating the original problem was elswhere. Yep the auto decomp was the culprit. The little auto decomp cam gear on the exhaust cam ($110) wears away and puts extra load on the starter clutch after time and if you are not carefull the little sucker will cost you....... Bike no longer under warranty. For the first time I started to use the kick starter, but since the auto decomp was not working the best the bike was a pig to start even when using the decomp lever. I kicked the bitch so much that day that I sheared the stopping pin on the kickstarter shaft. This pin makes the kickstarter return to it's original position when you take you foot off. You would be amazed how much the auto decomp helps with the kick starter and the button start. The timing of the auto decomp in comparison to the manuall decomp makes all the difference. Now luckily I am a handy man, how do I know?, well I am glad you asked. When I cross thread screws and they no longer hold, I start using superthread locktite. Well got all the bits sent to me by friday night. Locked myself in the shed and before you knew it, all was working by Sunday's ride. I made I little mistake on assembly. I had the auto decomp cam out by 180 degrees.... Dickhead! This made the auto decomp usless. Well, I was not factory trained. Fixed all this before the ride and she is all like new.. Yippy I had the freewheel clutch let go on my TE250 04. What was wrong was the spring that holds all the bits snapped. This is the same type of spring that is used on seals on the lips of them. I found a big enough seal from a friend and pinched the spring and presto it all worked.... See how you go with this info. One Eyed Husky Rider 04 TC 450 04 TE 250 01 WR125 98 400 EXC WR 250