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  1. maxxis goldspeeds you can run a 160 with no chain rubbing motard specific tire the tire profile is more arched with more lean angle
  2. thanks, yep that the acerbis front two piece fender
  3. I run a 160 rear on my xr with no rubbing at all there maxxis goldspeed tires supermoto spec cut slicks and there dot! these tires are stickey as gum on hot pavement
  4. the pro clutch has a manual override
  5. Finaly got it done this summer and even got to race it a few times, its street legal to also got rid of the big gun pipe and put on a full FMF system.
  6. I should be able to pick up the bike sometime next week I have tue and wed of work right now. I will pm you if everthing works out, thanks for your help...
  7. thanks buddy good links, lots of terrian better get started!
  8. I am going to be working out of the richmond bus depot on steveson hwy. that would be sweet to have a ridding area that I can rip up during my split shifts! any more spots in the richmond area?
  9. well I finaly bought a XR650R on friday traded in my streetride for something a little different. I havent pick it up yet because it is getting certified so I can put plates on it. Since I havent been offroad around the lowermainland besides some of the logging roads in vedder,are there any beginner freindly riding areas or forest service roads that you know of or any organized local rides cheers chris
  10. well been a lurker now for quite sometime, as things have it my situation has changed. I just got a new job driving for Coast Mountain Bus Co. in vancouver Canada and seeing as I need to keep my licence clean I decided to sell the ticket machine, my 04 Z750 and in turn return to the dirt where no cops are hidding around that bend when your doing 120 mph So I bought a 01 XR650R havent got to ride it yet because it is getting the street package done so I can plate it. I know it sounds sweet after you get it running see I have never had to kick start a street bike since my old rz350 o well I am sure I will figure it out. Just wanted to say what a great resource this website has been so far! and I am just getting started... Here are some pics of the new BRP sad to see it go but...
  11. my new (to me) BRP just traded in my sportbike for her time to start getting dirty