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  1. moe396

    98 wr400 plug troubles

    I have not ridden the bike in hot weather yet, 40 to 60 degrees, mid 40s the last time I rode. Only occasionally when the throttle is 3/4 to full it will break up. I don't know what my jetting specs are I will look into that. I realize jetting is trial and error but does anyone have any suggestions. Thanks for the info.
  2. moe396

    98 wr400 plug troubles

    My 98 wr400 had a low end bog, so I cleaned the carb, installed a quickshot acc pump cover and installed a new plug. Rode the bike for about 3 hrs. Bog seems to be gone but the plug took a crap and the bike wouldn't start. Backfired after many kicks. At one point I'm sure I gave it a shot fuel, this could have caused the backfire but not sure. Installed a new plug and rode for 30 mins or so and now the bike breaks up like the rev-limiter is kicking in. Not all the time just once & awhile. If anyone can help please do. Also, I have looked for the gray wire on this bike & I can not find it. Am I blind or does the 98 not have the gray wire. I bought this bike used so the only mods that I know that have been done are the air box cover & the exhaust has been uncorked. Thanks
  3. moe396

    JD jet kit

    I just bought a used 1998 WR400 and I am looking for all of the free mods specific to this year. I see the mods for newer WRs but nothing specific for the 98. The original owner did uncork the exhaust & pull the airbox, but not sure if anything else has been done. If anyone can help me with rest of the mods I would appreciate it. It also has the low end bog, any info on this would help too. Thanks.