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  1. Those graphics are sweet dude who they made by???procircuit?
  2. WOOOT im not the only one with red rims....but the mulisha....cmon now
  3. nah dude i tried that one and when i went to get my top end rebuilt the guy asked what i ran and i was using the castrol 10w-40 and he said that motorcycle oil and car oil is completly differently dont ask me how but supposedly it is
  4. Yea i got new tires about a week ago just my digital cam is broken soo i cant ge t pics but my bike is all ugly right now cause i took off the graphics
  5. Heres my bike The day i picked it up Before rims and backrounds After Rims and backrounds
  6. ya im friends with a guy that is sponsored by white brothers and he did all the work
  7. im not 100% sure on this but im pretty sure they should fit correct me if i am wrong
  8. yea i got it back unloaded it and rode it in my back yard but didnt get it out of 2nd gear
  9. i got a 04 CRF250R this past july and i had only riden my friends YZ125 once and i havnt gone to the track yet i jsut use it for mostly trail riding and hitting some desert jumps but i love my bike and i would never want a 2stroke after riding both mine and my friends bike and my friend has the x and i rode it ont he trail the suspension on the R does feel a little more stiff over the little bumps but its not much different
  10. okay i just replaced the balancer and right side crank seals should i take it east when i go out riding or what cause i dont want to **** them up so any help would be appreciated
  11. the idle thinige is ont he left side of the bike its a little screw like thing u can twist it with ur fingers in front and under the carb a little bit
  12. I got an 04' 250r one industries graphics protaper bars henry/reed bend asv clutch and brake perch and levers brake perch isnt installed in the pics Red Excel rims are orderd but not in yet works connection radiator braces i will post a pic up of what is done so far and a new one once my wheels come in and everything
  13. my bike i can get to about 65 on a woop trail and on a long straigh away riding the gears all the way to to rev limiter i can get to about 80 or 85 but i only did that once lmao i though i was gunna blow my shit up but hey i was racing a car and i smoked him in the 1/4 mile lmao
  14. i got an 04 250 r also i want to get rid of it ive had nothing but problems with it since i got it
  15. well i seem to loose all my tranny oil out the over flow tube and into my airbox and blowing smoke out the pipe please somone help me