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  1. hey "kx"my 107 loncin has 8hp according to the handbook,you say your sdg had 3x the power of the loncin?3x8=24.............wow you musta had the most powerful pitty in the world and with 24 hp outa such a small motor then its no wonder it blew up??.go the loncin , haha
  2. ive got a loncin 107,done at least 100 hrs and never a problem,good motor but like any thing if u abuse it and dont know how to service it correctly then you get wot u deserve eh!
  3. thanx for the input ,,,,,,,i am about to give it a go .
  4. hi,guys..has any one attempted to fit mountain bike style disc brakes to there pitty? ie shimano or avid juicy.i realise there would be some fabrication involved but my concern is that they may not have the required stopping power?any suggestions?????i want to go to the lightest set up possible and my standard disc set up aint worth having so what are my options??thanx