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    Dirt Bikes...

    NMA Awards Banquet

    Thanks Gary, hope all goes well with your move! We will miss you next year at the banquet!! Tim

    Choosing an NMA Enduro series Class

    Open B is similar to Vet B except in Open B your riding long course. After riding short course if your jonesin for more try the long course out. I will say though after about 15 miles into long course on a 80+ mile ride, your feeling it with another 15+ miles to go.

    Last Chance Poker Run, Nov 6th

    If you signed up on-line, bring a copy of your pay pal payment, that should work!! Tim

    DNR strikes again!!!

    Hey why don't you take them on a ride somewhere, you could either get them lost or "take them out" on the trail!! LOL

    TRAIL PARTY HIGHLIGHT - Let's Give Patty Murray the Boot

    Whos idea was it to let her advertise on this forum?She has done NOTHING for our sport!!

    Baumgartner Camping?

    find out when the california group comes, they kind of take things over and a lot of people show up. Its usually like the 3rd week of july so you should be goood to go

    Dirtwise Seattle

    I hope to stop by for some picts and an article for Trail Rider on Friday or Saturday!!

    NMA Members Trail Ride

    Thanks to all of you that came out Saturday and Sunday. The BBQ was great and everyone seemed to be having a great time. Even the guy who was lost and we rescued late Saturday night was in good spirits!! Tim

    Man o man can;t wait for the Blackbear!

    Thats the right sheet for both courses. If you look at the gas available and the speeds you should be able to figure out how much time you have there.
  10. Your in for a treat this year, the Blackbear should be epic! Link to flyer at the NMA Calendar http://www.nmaoffroad.org/eventcalendarup.shtml Short Course 50 + miles, Long course 80 + miles

    NMA Points standings

    Numbers are voluntary, and for off road series only From the NMA Rule Book: 1B(14) On a voluntary basis NMA Competition License Holders can register the number displayed on their bike for informational purposes. The NMA Points Keeper will provide a list including Competition License Holder names and associated bike numbers. This list may be used for identification purposes of Competition License Holders. In the event there are multiple riders with the same number, it is up to the rider to determine what number they choose to display and register.

    NMA Points standings

    1 Reason points are NOT updated right away on the web is it takes some time to do it. It is a LOT easier to E-mail results to License Holders. Also, as soon as results are posted if there is an error, I usually find out within a week. So for 2010 I have decided to wait a week after I e-mail results to see what changes need to be made. After I send results to the web manager, it can take a week for the results to be posted on the web. At best your looking at 2 weeks from the time I email results till the time they get published on the web. I cannot work on any results untill I receive results from the club putting the event on. I received final results from the Webfoot on Friday, however I have been gone all weekend. If anyone would like to streamline the results from clubs you have my vote. The best results are ones in Excell. While we are griping, why don't you guys and gals all read the NMA Rule Book! We printed about 30 copies, even had them bound, and have only sold about 5 copies. They cost $5 and that is mailed to your doorstep. For the last 3 or 4 races I have heard: 1) Someone changed bikes during a race. Found out a day or 2 after the event. Read the RULES... 1C(4) A rider shall use only the one motorcycle on which they started the event. The same rider must ride the same bike over the entire course and event. Substitute or alternate riders or bikes may not be used. 2) I have not received any points for the first 2 harescrambles??? 1F(1) Any rider wishing to accumulate season points, including worker points, and compete for season awards must hold a current NMA Competition License. The Competition License must be purchased before the first event the rider participates in for points. Current membership in the NMA is required before a Competition License will be issued. NMA membership may be purchased at the same time as the Competition License. Any license holder found to be without an NMA membership may be denied season points for any event entered prior to obtaining such membership. 3) Protests: 1D(3) Protests relating to the event itself or protests against other riders must be filed immediately upon the protesting rider's return to the start/finish area. Where these protests affect other riders, they should be posted with preliminary results. 4) Letter Designators: 1B(1) Classes run at the event shall be as shown below. Additional classes are at the discretion of the sponsoring club. For the Off Road Series only, all Competition Series License Holders shall be required to have the correct class designating letter displayed on all three number plates. Classes noted with an asterisk (*) are recommended but voluntary. The class letter designators need not be pre-printed, however they must be a minimum of 3” high (minimum 2” for AA class only) and of a color that is in contrast to the number plate background such that the class letter designator is clearly visible. The following classes shall be run: OFF ROAD SERIES CLASS CLASS LETTER AA AA OPEN A A OPEN B B OPEN C C 200 A (0-250 4/STK, 0-200 2/STK) Z 200 B (0-250 4/STK, 0-200 2/STK) K 200 C (0-250 4/STK, 0-200 2/STK) L VET A (30-39 Years) U VET B (30-39 Years) E VET C (30-39 Years) N SENIOR A (40-49 Years) V SENIOR B (40-49 Years) F SENIOR C (40-49 Years) T WOMEN W SPORTSMAN S* SUPER SENIOR A (50-59 Years) R* SUPER SENIOR B (50-59 Years) Y* MASTERS (60 + Years) Q* 15 & UNDER J* * Voluntary If age is a factor in the class you will be riding in, you must be of that age on or before the first event that is going to be scored for your season total.

    Funniest Enduro Crash Video

    I don't think the trees are the problem, crashed on a road 2 times, crashed in a field of corn. Either the dampner is not adjusted properly or One eyeball is looking one way and the other eyeball is not looking where the first eyeball is looking!

    NMA: Frostbite

    Last year we put on the Blackbear Enduro at Tahuya on Fathers Day. There was Thunder, Lightning, Massive Rain, And then it Hailed so much that the ground turned white all over in the woods... I was sweep riding and FROSTBITTEN!!!! Don't worry, whenever they put it on the curse will be with them! It always is for the Cascade Club!

    any Tahuya reports?

    How is Dr D doing today?? After 4 months of No riding Dave broke in his new knee in the wet tahuya forest. We only punished him with 55 miles of singletrack