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  1. Just an edit from the weekends ride from Melbourne Aus. enjoy . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h60RXzZMgA4&list=UUrVj-V2HulZno6gy2KvTxhA
  2. didn't know you could rent but I wonder the price and pick up drop off... ill look into it.. that website sounds good ill check it out thanks mate.
  3. under 4k? ill have to sell it in the east if anyone wants it lol
  4. or maybe the kx has a power valve the cr doesn't?...
  5. Hey guys as the title reads, I have a few more questions.. Im planning may 2015 to come and ride from west to east solo, I would like to see the baja 500 start but maybe best to post up and see whos going or who I can hitch a ride with from San De / LA ? are the CA rego'D bikes able to ride anywhere in the states? Ill need insurance is it easy to get and cost much? I will also be trying to get to billings to see the hillclimbers. and I may go to Toronto so can I ride a us plated bike in Canada? thanks in advance Kane
  6. Knos_CR500

    fitting a 14 headlight to a 13 300XC, 250XC?

    Cant find the hot wire I dont have a display or headlight from factory but have wires there .. oh well
  7. Knos_CR500

    Does 14t CS clear OEM case saver on 13" XCW 300 ?

    Im guessing it should clear it but 14 is very tall no good for single track
  8. hi I got a 14 headlight and plugged it into the loom that's stock on the 300xc and its a no go, wondering what other people had to do to get the light to run off the stock loom or did you have to wire up your own loom? also will it turn off when the bikes off so I don't need a switch ? I just cant seem to get a voltage read the the plug end of the loom ( while bikes running)
  9. hi all just making the swap from a yz250 to a 2013 300xc ... just want to know is it the same frame as the 2013 250sx? so I can buy say a 250sx seat cover and it will fit the 300xc seat . over here in Australia most parts arnt listed to fit the xc as the model isn't big here yet. so I wanna see which parts I can buy from that will fit it... thanks
  10. Knos_CR500

    Wr gears in YZ250 box?

    thinking about changing 3-4-5 on the yz to make them wider. is it possible to do just 4th and 5th and if so which year wr will i need as i have a 2006 yz... also is it just a change over? thanks guys
  11. upon more research i found on the oem parts list the 2009 yz 250 is the same part # as the 2009 yz450f. but the 2006 yz 250 is different and i know the yz frame hasnt changed so it will fit. so ive ordered one. ill keep you posted for future reffence how it goes..
  12. Lmao caveman funny ... hope others post up with info too thanks mate
  13. The seller says it wontyeah thats why i was seeing.if.anyone had fitted them up before
  14. The seller says it wont.but i think its because they have a different part number? They do look the same
  15. is it yz250f 06-08 yz450f 06-08 wr250f 06-11 wr450f 06-11 is this correct the part number is different but it looks exact the same