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  1. amplitudeCRF450

    Need for Speed?

    crf450r is 75...as for the x im guessing around the same!
  2. amplitudeCRF450

    Carbon Pro HP gain?

    i have a WB titanium carbon pro on my 04 for the track and a WB E2 for the trails, both are great pipes, the carbon pro i believe they claim about 3-4 hp, its an unbelievable pipe, makes the bike run smooth and powerful and the pipe is LIGHT,it weighs next to nothing, its really really loud though, im actually selling my carbon pro right now for a CHM exhaust because i installed a 490cc big bore kit and the bike was way to loud! email me if you are interested!!
  3. amplitudeCRF450

    FMF Factory 4.1 or Pro Circuit Ti-4 GP lowboy?

    i ran a fmf factory 4 on my 04, hated it, piece of crap man, my buddy has a pro circuit and it feels nice, i went to a white brothers titanium carbon pro on my 04, and the pipe just rips!!! out of the two i would suggest the pro circuit, but if you wanna spend some cash go with the titanium carbon pro man!!
  4. amplitudeCRF450

    kickstarting a big bore!!!

    im having trouble kickstarting my 490cc athena big bore kit, i only weigh in at about 160lbs. so i can basically stand on the kickstarter and it wont budge, if anybody has tips for me not to break my ankle, i would appreciate it!!
  5. personally your best bet is the CRF450, i have riden, owned, and known people that have owned almost every bike out there, the honda's will last, and outperform most bikes, best all around is the 450, plenty of power to push you stock, but also have great potential for more!!