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  1. Mx_142

    NEED HELP Yz 250 power-band won't kick in?

    You don't need a blue one, any new aftermarket one should do the trick
  2. Mx_142

    Yz125 top and bottom rebuild

    Grab a manual and save some money, its really not hard to that hard. You should be able to do it in an afternoon.
  3. Mx_142

    YZ two stroke at A1?

    I never thought i would be rooting for a french guy
  4. Mx_142

    2009 clutch nosies

    Went riding today with my almost brand new 09 YZ250 (has about 5 hours on it). Everything sounded good all day, but after the 5 min ride back to the truck i noticed that when idling in neutral there is a loud noise coming from the clutch. When i pull the clutch in everything sounds fine. I drained my oil as soon as i got home, everything looked fine. Hopefully tomorrow I will have time to pull the clutch out and take a look around. Anyone got any ideas what it could be or anything in particular i should be looking for while i got everything apart?
  5. Mx_142

    Motor Hard To Turnover - Top End Rebuild

    turns out that my cam chain wedged and was stopping the motor from turning over.
  6. As i talked about in my other post I'm rebuilding my top end. When i put the piston in i turned the crank over, making it so my piston was no longer at TDC. Once my head was back on i decided to turn the motor over by hand to bring it back to TDC (while guiding the cam chain by hand). I turned the motor over a couple times (went to far once) when it got hard to turn. Does anyone have any ideas?
  7. Mx_142

    2004 Top End Rebuild

    I found my problem, i have a huge crack/hole in my piston. Luckily everything else looks fine. A few more pictures
  8. Mx_142

    2004 Top End Rebuild

    I've had the bike for 3 years, but have only put 38 hours on it and half of that was trail riding. I have never touched my valves, and they are still with in spec (just barley). The owner before me only put 20ish hours on the bike, and according to his maintenance log he never touched them either. Thats the first I've heard about replacing the valve seats with bigger ones, thanks for the tip.
  9. Mx_142

    What would you use?

    They dont rob alot of power from the motor, but they do rob some. On 125 2-storkes it was alot bigger deal then it is now on a modern 250f.
  10. Mx_142

    2004 Top End Rebuild

    Thanks everyone. i'm going to start ripping it apart this weekend. Maybe i'll post some pictures.
  11. Mx_142

    2004 Top End Rebuild

    After being unable to get mybike started last month i brought the bike in and had a compression/leak down test done. The shop said i was leaking 100% of compression into the crankcase. At first was thought it had something to do with the decompression plug i lost, but everything looks good. Anyways, I've decided to do a full top end rebuild/upgrade (valves, springs, piston, rings and cams). Although i have worked on and rebuild tons of 2-strokes this will be my first time doing anything other then checking valve clearances on a 4-stroke. So if you have any advise on things i should look out for or special tools i will need i would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Parts i plan on using: Vertex Hi-Compression or Wiseco Hi-Compression Piston Kibblewhite Valves Kibblewhite Spring Kit Hot Cam Stage 2 Cams Once completed i also plan on a few other upgrades: Yoshimura RS-2 Exhaust Tag Triple Clamps Too Trick Suspension And Some Cosmetics (WBR Graphics/Blue Rims/Blue Rad Houses ...)
  12. Mx_142

    2004 RMZ250 sat for a while and wont start

    tried push starting it today but no luck (wasn't the largest hill tho, and the bike would not roll down the hill with the clutch in for some reason :s). I also tried a small amount of starting fluid (i'm guessing thats what you mean by easy start). The bike didn't start, but their was faint signs of life twice. I've been reading about CDI failures with this year of RMZ 250 so i'm going to see if i can find some one with a known good CDI and hofuly use it to test with.
  13. When riding last year i had the little plug black plug that sits on top and over to the side of where exhaust bolts to the cylinder came out. I took the bike back to my parents where i left it there just under a year (i have no place to keep the bike where i live.). Anyways i just moved to a place where i could keep a bike, so i went and picked up the bike as well as the part i needed. I changed the oil, drained all the old gas from the tank and filled the tank up with fresh gas but the bike would not start. Thinking that the carb must have varnished up i drained the bowl, cleaned out the bowl/main jet, took the spark plug out and made sure i still had good spark, but the bike still wont start. So my question is what should i do next?
  14. Mx_142

    Black rim question....

    powder coating can still get scratched up fairly easily (so i have been told anyways), aftermarket rims are normally anodized.
  15. Mx_142

    How often should you check your valves?

    I check mine every 3 hours or third oil change and oil filter change. They are so fast and easy to check its worth the 10 minutes.