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  1. Hi guys, I finally bought a LC4 400 EGS. Its a 1997 model but registered in 2001. Mileage is 61,000km. I was told the engine jus had a full overhaul with the con rod replaced. Seriously, I m a technical idiot n dont know much abt what this means. Today, my fren told me I got a problematic bike cos this model is known to have top block cracking problems. Is it true ? If yes, how should I avoid having this problem. Basically, I m only using it for a daily transport. No trails for me at the moment. Appreciate your help guys !
  2. Thks Guys ! Your comments has been most helpful Basically, I am looking at the KTM 400 LC4 Supercom which is supposed to have both electric n kick start. I was told the crankshaft bearings needs to be replaced every 6 mths for daily usage and the front sprocket shaft would likely needs replacement for bikes above 5 yrs old. This would involve a full overhaul of the engine as it is located right at the bottom. Are these feedback true ?
  3. Hi guys, need some help here. I had been admiring KTM bikes for a while and finally decided to buy one to try out. However, I would like to find out the following: a. What shld I look out for when buying a pre-owned. b. What are the maintenance needed usually. c. What are the common problems of it. Thks in advance dudes