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  1. racerx526

    Nose diving?

    blip the throttle at the point before your front tire leaves the face of the jump.
  2. Red7, if you are in that kind of situation you want to land with your front wheel slightly lower than the rear. Also make sure that you keep some sort of power to the rear, this will create somewhat of a gyro and cause the rear wheel to strainghten out with the front.
  3. racerx526

    arm pump

    Here is another tip that was not mentioned, you need to be hydrated. That doesn't mean that you pound water the day of the race or the night before, but consistently through the week or weeks prior if you are unsure of when you are going to race again just make it a habit. Also, renthal just came out with a set of their dual compound grips which are tapered requiring less input to the bars, might help.
  4. I would have to agree and say "scrub the jump" and that way you wont have to worry about gale force winds. Good luck.