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  1. bonez34

    In AZ for work and need some riding buddies...

    Sweet! I would really like to get out of this heat right about now! We are thinking about hitting the "salt river" tubing thing? I heard it's like a frat party on the weekends....I'm down! haha Yeah I would like to get to a cooler climate so that I could ride all day and not just for a few hours in the morning. Anyways I'm down for sunday if anyone's going out.
  2. bonez34

    In AZ for work and need some riding buddies...

    Beer's on me.....
  3. bonez34

    In AZ for work and need some riding buddies...

    I went to town and country today. Found a couple nice ones for around 180-200 and helmet harbor was closed. I'll try them tomorrow. Thanks for all the local help. I may pick up a tire but don't have my tire irons with me. Anyone local wanna help me put on a tire, chain and sprockets one night this week?
  4. bonez34

    In AZ for work and need some riding buddies...

    Actually I'm already in Chandler as of this past weekend. Nice part of town here! If I were to buy one off of ebay it would be new but I will probably just pick up a cheap one locally or wait until payday and get a nice one. My old helmet is about 8 years old anyways Thanks again for all the offers! I'll be in touch soon! Ben
  5. bonez34

    In AZ for work and need some riding buddies...

    Right on! I don't know our schedule yet so I'll get in touch once I know what's going on. We are installing the new lottery terminals and we are just getting started so it may be crazy for a week or two. I'll definately get up with ya'll though. Any ideas where to pick up a helmet locally or should I just ebay one?
  6. I am staying in Chandler for a couple months while working and need to know where to ride. I ride a CRF450 and skill level is about a 7-8 out of 10 for trails and 5-6 for tracks. If anyone out there wants someone to ride with on the weekends let me know! I'm down for whatever! Oh yeah.....I forgot my helmet at home.....
  7. bonez34

    SE VA places to ride?

    Just moved from va beach to lebanon va just outside of abingdon and bristol. I'm looking for nice trails to ride or rider friendly tracks (tabletops). Not into racing just a good ride with good people but I am not a novice rider. Anybody in the area know where to go?
  8. bonez34

    Got a dream job, round 7 Nationals

    You know they will clear it! C'mon...we're talkin the fastest in the world here! Just be sure to be in the pits at the end of the races to get free tires if you can. They always give them out. Have fun and try not to get anyone killed
  9. bonez34

    Pink Wire Facts

    Try holding the bike in say 3rd or 4th gear at steady rpm's throughout the rpm range. My wr and the gray wire mod made a difference. It wasn't noticeable when accelerating cause it happened so quick but on pavement at steady throttle usually midway in the rpm range it would studder...not much but it was noticeable. After the mod it went away totally. Just look for a studder, stumble at steady throttle on pavement and see if you can feel it. Just trying to help out fellow X'rs...crap..i ride an R........go buy an R you wimps!
  10. bonez34

    Holeshotcaller XXX 450 3 in a row !

    Si, senor Lewis es muy bien! Too bad he can't keep up either.... But I couldn't even qualify so who am I to talk trash about pros? They all get my respect cause even the lappers could whoop my ass on a track. Gotta love seeing pros have a 450 pinned around the whole track though. I remember when Carmichael said that even he couldn't use all the power his 450 was putting out...well of course that was last year on the honda Haven't heard him say that yet this year.
  11. For hatfield mccoy which is like riding on one big rock definately use a tire with knobs closer together and one that is dot approved if possible. I use a kenda trakmaster with good results as the compound gets harder as the tire wears and not only is it cheap to replace but has the dunlop 752 tread. It wears good on rock even though the spacing is far apart. And it doesn't chunk. About the only other thing I can say is try not to hammer the throttle if you can resist to save the tire but that's no fun is it? I say buy cheap tires and use them till they are gone as the rocks don't care how big and sharp your knobs are...they will eat them alive no matter what.
  12. bonez34

    skid Plate

    Just do 2 things. Don't buy carbon fiber and don't buy works connection. Why? First we don't wanna hear about how your carbon cracked cause you've been warned...and second we don't wanna hear how a rock deflected off of your skidplate and punched a hole in your clutch cover. Other than that buy anyone you like.
  13. bonez34

    Front end washing out!

    Check tire pressure, check fork height, check clickers and soften up from stock if you are light like me 150lbs., check shock clickers (same), hammer front end into corner and nail throttle while weighting outside peg and keeping your ass crack on outside corner of seat while up as much as possible on seat close to bars. Then replace front tire when you can afford it. Works for me!
  14. bonez34

    I think its time...

    No, no, no...separate them. Any useful info on the x's that will work on the r's will trickle down just like in the yzf/wr forums. Because there are people that will read each forum and bring back useful info to help each other out. But I also don't mind weeding through the posts to find useful info for my R. If they stay together that's fine by me but on the other hand there are many useless posts as R and X riders throw in their useless comments like "buy an R and be done with it". In my O there would be less flaming and more useful discussion. Done.
  15. bonez34

    Help! I cracked my WB Carbon pro muffler.

    Kinda like the 5 minute/tail light warranty. Lasts 5 minutes or until we can't see your taillights anymore.