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  1. I just want to know if u guys know a site i can buy stock arms. i got a 2007 700r se and need the lower right a-arm as i bent it hoping over something. ive been looking and all i can find is aftermarket ones and i dont really want to spend that much to replace all 4 of them. It's also the black/orange SE so i need the orange a-arm if possiable. any links would be appriciated.
  2. aadolf

    2001 raptor 660r

    someone told me on bluetraxx that if it has been replaced or hasn't went out yet after 5 years it should be good cuz i know this thing has been ridden some. he said they comonly went out in the first year or two. how do u know if your one-way is out or is going to go out soon. is there any signs?
  3. aadolf

    Yamaha 2001 raptor 660r

    anyone have any comments on this like good stuff about it and bad stuff about it i would reeally like to hear. my friend has one for sale for $2500 which i think is good so i'm thinking about buying it. i dont think it has 2 many miles on it. so anyone's opinion on this quad would be appriciated.
  4. first off does anyone know how much hp the wr250f has and then in turn how much the free upgrades add? anyone know where the link to how to do the free upgrades for the bike is at? thanks bryan
  5. aadolf

    wr250f price

    anyone bought one of these recentlly? i was wondering if having a bigger downpayment would have them give u a better deal or not. the msrp on it is 6099 but i dont want to pay that much i would't mind 5500 or so but i dont know if they will give me that much off or not.
  6. aadolf

    05 or 06

    since i decided i'm getting a wr250f would it be better to get an 05 or 06 i seen some of the new stuff on the 06 but on an 05 i might be able to get a better deal what do u guys think?
  7. aadolf

    wr250f or wr450f

    wow thanks guys u basically made my choice for me the wr250f is the one i'm getting.
  8. aadolf

    wr250f or wr450f

    i have no riding experience and i was wondering what one would be better to get. i dont want to get the 250 and it doens't have enough power. i'm 5;10'' 180lbs so that to help u with your opinion. the money really doesn't matter as i will have about 3000$ to put down on the bike and i'm hoping to get a deal with such a high downpayment. i'm mostly doing trail and coutnry road riding no mx riding at all. thanks for reading and responding if u do.